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Newborn kittens need stimulation from the mother's tongue to be able to go to the bathroom up till they are about 3 weeks old.


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Yes, newborn kittens do deficate. But they only do so when the mother cat stimulates them through licking. If the kitten has been abandoned, you can stimulate them to go to the bathroom by very gently wiping their bottom with a damp, warm, clean wash cloth.

If your newborn puppy doesn't go, it doesn't gotta go.

First and foremost...keep them warm! Get them to a vet or a resuce that handles rejected neonate kittens. If you are going to bottle raise them yourself...Get some KMR (kitten milk replacement) and get ready for feeding every 2 hours and learn how to stimulate them to go to the bathroom after every feeding.

Yes, they do. Their mom stimulates them to go when she licks them and she cleans it all up.

Mother cats lick the bottoms of their young to stimulate the muscles to release the waste. Kittens along with other mammals all do this to their young. At the infant stage of their lives they cannot go to the bathroom on their own and need the assistance of their mother to help them go.

Eat, sleep, cry, and go to the bathroom. As they grow older they will be able to do more.

actually not much 2-3 times a day? why do u care? lol

A cat won't go into heat if she's nursing. If a male cat sees a female cat with kittens he will probably kill all the kittens to force the female into heat. (Siamese cats don't do this, nor do males who live in catteries.) IT is hello

Actually what appears to be a mother cleaning her puppies is mostly a mother licking her puppies on the stomach and genital region. This is the only way a newborn puppies digestion is stimulated for it to urinate and defecate. If she did not do this, the puppies could not digest milk and go to the bathroom on their own. What appears to be her stopping cleaning them is probably that they are getting old enough to digest and go to the bathroom on their own.

When their mother cleans their bums they will use the restroom. That way it keeps their puppy den clean from urine and feces.

Kittens LOVE to play with string. Although it is a common stereotype... it is true. I have one of my own and he will go crazy over the smallest string.

Make sure the mother cat is fed properly, she has clean water several times a day. The bedding should be kept clean. The cat and her kittens should be in a big enough box or container where there is room for shavings for the kittens to go to the bathroom. Mom can take care of the rest.

Newborn kittens cannot see or hear. They must use scent to locate their mother. Once found, her purr vibrates, so they also find her through touch. When their ears open, they can also hear her.

How squids go to the bathroom is out of there tentacles

they have a tube where there leg is and when they need to go to the bathroom they stick that tube in the sand and go to the bathroom

Yes, you can go to the bathroom during a period. You can not go a month without going to the bathroom.

I would suggest buying a smaller kennel. If a dog does not have room to go to the bathroom in one part of the kennel and lay in the other, they will most likely no go to the bathroom in the kennel. This is because the dog does not want to lay in its own feces.

2 options 1. Be their mother give them milk take care of them or.. 2. sell them, let them go give to a pet store they will take care them hope this helps:)

Kittens can go outside whenever you want them to. but, however, if the kittens were born inside you may want to let them outside little at a time.

A female cat can go into heat as early as she's had the kittens, or later when the kittens are being weaned.

You will go to the bathroom when you are ready to. I hope you make it peaceful.

Yes, they can very much go to the bathroom.

they can't go to the bathroom in their swimsuit

yes they still go to the bathroom

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