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Scientists cannot predict when a volcano will next erupt.

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Yes Vesuvius is expected to erupt again The question is no so much if as when and how violently.

yes mount surtsey can erupt again, according to scientists this volcano will erupt again in the future , scientists predict 98% this eruption will be allot worse creating lots of Disasters with weather .

It is expected to erupt again in 2050

It is expected to erupt again in 2050

Yes. Mount Vesuvius has erupted as recently as 1944.

You can see Mt Vesuvius' history by watching this video, Mount Vesuvvius is active, as far as i knowScientists predict it will erupt again in 5 or 6 years causing as much damage as it did beforeYes !

They predict that it will erupt again in about 10 years or so

There are many scientists who wish they knew. My guess is that very soon Vesuvius will erupt.

It is impossible to predict when a volcano will next erupt.

No. Vesuvius is currently dormant and is expected to erupt again, though there is no telling when.

scientists can predict volcanic eruptions by using a seismograph. But that is just one method they,Kiera

Mount Vesuvius cannot happen. Veusvius is an object, not an event. However, it is certain that Mount Vesuvius will eruptagain eventually.

Scientists study Volcanoes so, they can predict when they will erupt.

scientists wil know when with their good machines

Yes, Mount Vesuvius is still active and has erupted as recently as 1944.

Not at the moment. But when it is destructive, it is very destructive. There is every reason to believe that Vesuvius will erupt again.

There is no telling when Mount Vesuvius will erupt next.

scientist predict it will erupt again in 2013, they're 98% sure.

We haven't yet developed the technology to predict when or if it will erupt.

virtually it is impossible for the scientists to predict when the next eruption will happen

No. Although scientists can monitor signs that a volcano is getting ready to erupt they are nowhere near predicting the day a volcano will erupt. They might not even be able to predict the month or even the year that it will erupt.

they say around 2014, around july

Active and shall erupt again someday

Mount St. Helens is not shoeing any signs of erupting in the near future, so scientists don't know when the next eruption might be.

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