When do they celebrate Halloween in Liechtenstein?

Liechtenstein(Fürstentum Liechtenstein)a tiny principality on the border of Switzerland, celebrates Halloween, Easter, Christmas, Kwanzaa, Labor Day, King Olaf's Day and all other legal or traditional holidays on December 11th. Vasloub Hüwer, the first Bürgermeister of Liechtenstein mandated only one holiday to coincide with the solar eclipse that was observed in Liechtenstein in 1412. It was felt by Hüwer and most other citizens of the country, that holidays detract too much from their primary commercial activity of manufacturing dental products. Thus, to this day, every holiday is celebrated on December 11th. This practice of celebrating all holidays on a single day has led to an unusual and colorful culture. Visitors to Liechtenstein often travel to Liechtenstein on December 11th and choose one of 23 holidays in which to participate.