When do you add DE to a pool?

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You add D.E. to a pool when you do a fresh filter clean. You also add D.E. if you have to backwash your pool more than normal. When you backwash the pool it is also dumping the D.E. out so it needs to be replaced to keep the grids covered so the pool can filter properly. Hope it helped

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Q: When do you add DE to a pool?
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How often do you add DE powder to your pool?

Its recommended to backwash the de when the pressure goes over 7 psi from the last time u did a backwash

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You add diatomaceous earth (de) powder to a pool based on the size of the filter. Most pool filters have a plate on the side telling you how much de powder you need to add. If your filter does not have such a plate, the general formula is that you add 1 lb. of de powder for every 10 sq. ft. of filter area. That is, you need to measure the length, width, of your filter, taking the pleats into account, and use the formula "sq. ft. = length x width" to determine the square footage of your filter.

Do you have to add DE powder everytime you clean your DE filters?

Yes. It is important because grids inside will not get clogged by dirt, dust and other elements getting into pool and will not brake that easily. Also pool water will look better and you will have easier filter cleaning next time. Add some D.E. after backwash, too.

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