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You say you when you say an answer or qeustion!

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Q: When do you say you in a sentence?
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Sentence to say in one sentence?

A sentence to say in one sentence is to say a sentence in one sentence! It is quite easy to say a sentence in one sentence if that is all you have to say. "The cat with brown hair, hair of brown has the cat" is a sentence to say in one sentence. To say in one sentence the reasons behind the onset of World War Two does not do the subject any justice at all.

How do you say spontaneity in a sentence?

how you say spontaneity in a sentence

How do you use the word say in a sentence?

"What did you say?"

What is sentence for connivance?

It would be connivance for me not to say this sentence was plagiarized.

Can you begin a sentence with he?

Yes, but you have to say the name somewhere in the sentence

Is you would say no a sentence?

o it is not a sentence grammer please

How do you say despotism in a sentence?

The levels of despotism are ...Then you continue to construsct your sentence depending on what it is that you really want to say about it.

What is a sentence for contradicted?

you just used it in a sentence! He always contradicts what I say!

How do you say sentence in German?

Depending on context, sentence can be translated as:SatzStrafeUrteilStrafmaßVerurteilung

When is it spelled sentence or sentence?

like you can say example: hey do you think i wrote a good sentence?

If there any grammar errors in this sentence?

The sentence should say "Are there any grammatical errors in this sentence?"

Is it correct to say you and i?

It is correct to say, "You and I" but needs to be part of a sentence.

What part of speech is say in this sentence i could always say?

"Say" is a verb.

Ambiguity in a sentence?

it was ambiguity of me to say that

How do you put widespread into a sentence?

you just did when you say that sentence also in this sentence. Widespread is everywhere, and you can put it on anything.

How do you say playing in Japanese?

asobukoto (mid sentence) / asobiteru (end of the sentence)

What is a sentence with the word singed in it?

"I say this little sentence, and i just gotta ask you..."

How do you say the word sentence in french?

a sentence is called "une phrase" in French

A sentence with the word unbearable?

jenny ask to her teacher that can say a sentence with unbearable.

How do you use sublimation in a sentence?

You could say: Sublimation is a real word. That is a sentence.

How do use the world road in a sentence?

dpends what you want to say about a road in your sentence.

How do you use Indian in a sentence?

You can say "I like Indian food." that's a sentence.

How do you say good on in spanish?

depends on what you want to say Put it in a sentence for me

How do you change the sentence How do you say this in English into the form of What is the this?

You would say, "What is this in English?"

What is a sentence using the word say?

I would say that this is a great example.