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When does Christmas occur?

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Every year on the 25th of December.

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When did the story A Christmas Carol occur?

Christmas Eve 1843

Does Christmas occur in winter around the globe?

Christmas would occur in winter in the Northern Hemisphere around the globe. In the Southern Hemisphere Christmas would occur in the summer as their seasons are opposite to the Northern Hemisphere.

What is Ukrainian Christmas?

Ukrainian Christmas is celebrated on January 7th. Most of the festivities occur on the 6th, which is Christmas eve.

When do the northern and southern lights occur?


Why do Christmas market breaks occur?

The Christmas market breaks occur for a very simple and obvious reason. Since Christmas does not last all year long, the Christmas market cannot also last all year long, therefore there has to be Christmas market breaks.

What day of the year does Christmas occur on?

December 25th

What traditions occur during Christmas?

jesus was born

Which street did Christmas miracle occur?

34th st.

Which of these events didn't occur Christmas Day?

The birth of Christ?

What special events occur on Christmas?

The birth of baby jesus

Where does Christmas occur?

Christmas occurs all over the world. Many people celebrate Christmas, although the United States does spend the most money on it.

When did the Battle of Stalingrad occur?

yes it did in 1942 on Christmas eve night yes it did in 1942 on Christmas eve night

What festivals happen at Easter and Christmas time in Spain?

on christmas lots of singing and danceing occur and i do not know about easter

In which places does Christmas cookie exchanges occur regularly?

Christmas cookie exchanges regularly occur in close knit neighborhoods and activity centers. Families will brings their own cookies and exchange with others.

When did a cease fire occur on Christmas?

this happenned in the first world war

Is Christmas and Hanukkah alike?

The only similarity is that they both occur in the winter.

Where does the word plaque occur in A Christmas Carol?

Its does not appear in the original book

Where does the word loath occur in A Christmas Carol?

It does appear in the original story format

What do Chinese New Year Christmas Hanukkah and Kwanzaa have in common?

They occur in the winter.

Where does the word lustrous occur in A Christmas Carol?

In A Christmas Carol, the word "lustrous" is in stave 3 when referring to "a lustrous belt, the sheen of which was beautiful" around the girth of the Ghost of Christmas Present

When did A Christmas Carol occur?

It was written in 1843 and the text implies that it takes place contemporaneously.

What day does Christmas day fall on 2010?

December 25th will occur on a Saturday in 2010.

Is die hard a Christmas movie?

No, it is an action movie and has nothing to do with Christmas. Answer 2: Except the events occur during a Christmas office party at the Nakatomi building. Answer 3: I say its the best Christmas movie ever exsept for its a wonderful life

5 Why is cotton used to decorate Christmas trees in Argentina?

Cotton is sometimes used to decorate Christmas trees in Argentina. Argentina is very warm during Christmas and snow does not occur. The cotton is to symbolize snow.

Name two holidays that occur during the winter months?

Christmas and New Year's Eve