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When I was pregnant with my first (I have 4) it seemed like it took forever to feel the baby move. I don't think it had anything to do with my size. You probably just don't recognize the movement for what it is. I am very large, and the second time around I think I was about three months when I felt the baby move. I am thinking it was around the 4th-5th month with my first. I am a large woman and i think that sometimes during the first one you think that you feel something. sometimes you feel fluttering and its just small movements. you can really start to feel some real kicks around the fourth month. as you go along they get stronger. I've had 3 and i started to feel kicks about the end of the fourth. but everyone is different. Most women, large or small, feel a first baby move around 20 weeks. I remember vividly when I felt mine as we were visiting family and when I screamed they thought I had hurt myself. Second and subsequent babies are usually felt about 15-16 weeks. One of the reasons I thought I was having twins was because I felt movement at 13 weeks. A partner or friend may not feel the baby move because of intervening fat but as the woman feels it from the inside her size makes no difference

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Q: When does a larger woman feel the baby move?
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Can you feel your baby move at 12 weeks?

The average time to be able to begin to feel a baby move is around 20 weeks. It is highly possible though for some women to feel the baby move as early as 12 weeks, especially if they are very thin or if it isn't the woman's first pregnancy.

What month of pregnancy will a woman first feel her baby move?

14 weeks about three and a half months.

When do you feel the baby kick?

Sometime between 16 and 22 weeks, you'll start to feel your baby move.

At how many week is the latest you can feel the baby move?

I am 21 weeks into my pregnancy and i still can't feel my baby move!

Why can a woman not feel her fetus move before the fifth month of pregnancy?

we can feel the fetus before 5Th month. I am 2 and 1/2 months pregnant and I think I can feel my baby,this is my second baby and i can feel the fetus.but occasionally not all the time

How early in a pregnancy can you feel the baby move?

Very few pg wormen feel the baby movements after 16 weeks. But it is normal to feel the baby move only after 20 weeks.

How often should you feel your baby move in the womb?

You should start to feel your baby move from 16-24 weeks ! You are more likely to feel the baby move when you are relaxing. The baby will move ALOT when you are sitting and relaxing. The more walking you do, the longer they sleep. They may move when your eating and drinking anything with sugar in it.

When will you feel your baby move this is your first baby?

Every woman and every pregnancy is different. Most women will begin feeling movement around 14 to 18 weeks.

Is it normal to not feel your baby move at 17 weeks?

If it is your first baby you probably won't feel it move until around 20 weeks.

Is it normal for you to feel your baby move at 5 months pregnant?

yes, at 5 months you usually feel your baby move, quite a lot.

Can you feel your baby move at 4 weeks of pregnancy?

No, you can't feel the baby move at 4 weeks. by 4 weeks the baby hasn't been formed its still an egg - growing into a baby

At what stage of pregnancy can you feel the fetus move?

Most first time mothers feel the baby move sometime around 20 weeks, second time around and later you may feel it at 15-16 weeks. thinner women feel it sooner and larger women later.

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