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When does celebrate Christmas in Russia?

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we celebrate Christmas in January, 7.

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They go home and eat with there family.

Russia is Russian Orthodox a Christian sect and that is when they have Christmas. They don't have Christmas on December 25 because they don't belive in god

Yes, they do. Russia's main religion is Russian Orthodox Christianity and they celebrate Christmas on the 7th and 8th of January. It's called Rozhdestvo.

people of Russia went to markets and buy decorative things. they decorate there houses.parents of children give them gifts,they bring cakes and celebrate christmas

Russian Christians are Orthodox; which means the celebrate Epiphany in January

Most people in Russia are Orthodox. The Orthodox Christmas is celebrated on the 7th of January.

about 6million people celebrate ChristmasAlso you can choose to celebrate Christmas. If you believe in Jesus then you celebrate Christmas.

No Russia Does Not Celebrate ThanksGiving.

no they celebrate the Christmas

Because it is part of their culture. 71.8% of the population is Russian Orthodox a Christian sect.

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Pentecostals do celebrate Christmas.

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they celebrate Christmas with light's

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Yes, Venezuela does celebrate Christmas.

They do celebrate christmas if they are Grecian and do not if they are Greekyons.

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