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Q: When does ed sound like t?
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What sound is made by the suffix ed in missed spelled added?

The suffix "-ed" can be pronounced as /t/ (as in missed) or /d/ (as in spelled and added) depending on the sound that comes before it. This is based on whether the preceding sound is voiced or voiceless.

Which word has the different -ed ending sound?

In called you have (pronounce) /d/, because /l /is a voiced sound; in asked you pronounce /t/ because /k/ is an unvoiced sound; in added or decided you pronounce /id/ because when you have -d or -t at the root of the word, the rule is to pronounce -ed is /id/.

Can the ed sound can be at the front?

Yes, like in edit.

What are the 3 final sounds of regular verbs in their past form?

-d - when the last sound before -ed is a vowel or a voiced consonant (e.g., "oo" in glued or "g" in begged) -t - when the last sound before -ed is a voiceless consonant (e.g., "k" in asked) -id - when the last letter/sound before -ed is "t" or "d" (e.g., wanted, demanded)

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What sound is made by the suffix ed in these words missed added spelled?

Each of these is a unique sound: 'Missed' is pronounced like 'mist'. In the word 'added' the 'ed' is its own syllable - ad ed. 'Spelled' is pronounced like 'speld'.

When is the e in an ed past-tense verb ending pronounced?

The "e" in an "-ed" past-tense verb ending is pronounced as /ɪd/ when the base form of the verb ends in a "t" or "d" sound. For example, in verbs like "wanted" or "needed," the "e" is pronounced as /ɪd/.

Is ed on the end of a word considered a syllable?

No. -ed makes it sound like an extra syllable but it isn't.

Does missed have the suffix sound t?

Yes, "missed" has the suffix sound "t" added to the base word "miss." The suffix "-ed" is used to show that the action of missing has already happened in the past.

Does looked have a long or short vowel sound?

"Looked" has a long vowel sound, as the "oo" makes the "oo" sound, which is a long vowel sound.

How do you sound it out?

That means, what does the word sound like? If you sound it out, like in the word "take," you get t-a-k-e, making take the spelling.

Do you pronounce the ed sound in the past tense of the verb text...or just the T in worked?

In the past tense of the verb "text," the final "-ed" is pronounced as a separate syllable, so it is pronounced as "text-ed." The pronunciation is different from words like "worked," where the "-ed" sounds like "t."