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There has got to be some kind of mistake in communication with whoever you spoke to at the dealer because that just sounds silly. The ambient temperature does not have to be any particular temperature for the AC to come on, and just to be sure I haven't missed something, I just consulted the Ford online service manual on that car. Nope, it doesn't need to be 74 degrees outside. Whoever told you that either didn't understand your question, you didn't understand the answer, or you spoke to the janitor.Maybe they meant that you have to have the AC control temp setting below about 74 degrees before air from the vent starts to feel cool. As a rule of thumb, that would be pretty much an accurate statement, since the system is going to do whatever it takes to bring temperature to whatever setting you have the temp set at. In other words, if it is set at 75 degrees, even though you may have AC selected, the computer is going to apply cool or warm air to the vents to either bring the inside temp down to 75 or up to 75, whatever is needed. You may want to consult the dealer again, but you should speak to an actual technician, one who actually gets dirty working on the cars. The service manager and service advisers look nice, and dress clean, but they usually know absolutely nothing about a car.

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Q: When does the air conditioner start to work the dealer said that the AC doesnt work til the temperature outside is 74 degress?
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