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When does the president's term end?

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12:00 noon Eastern Standard Time (17:00 UTC) on January 20 following a presidential election.

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When does the Presidents term now end?

He became president (second term) in 2012 so it will end in 2016.

What month and day does the vice presidents term end?

January 20

What happen to bring his presidency to a end?

Some presidents are elected to two four year terms and leave office at the end of their term in office. Some presidents are elected to one four year term and leave at the end. The other presidents died in office, except Richard Nixon who was forced to resign.

When does a presidents term end?

IT has a certain amount of years eg. 5yrs after that they get voted out

Which presidents term was about to end when the 49ers were going to California?

James K. Polk

What month and day does the presidents term end?

i think it ends on December 3 at noon

When does the current presidents term end?

Barack Obama will leave office on January 20, 2017 at noon.

How long is Presidents term?

how long is a presidents terms

Who are the presidents that served only one term?

I believe it was five (5) one-term presidents.

When does the term of office of the president and vice president expire?

after 4 years. the current presidents will end in 2013.....ithink

When does the presidents term end?

a President's term in the USA is for 4 years, then if he wants he can run again for another 4years if he gets re elected, after that , game over.

How many Presidents 20th Century one term?

All but one: Kennedy (who was assassinated before the end of his first term). While not every president won a second term, all of them won a first term.

What happens at the end of a US Presidents 2nd term is over?

The president-elect takes the oath of office and becomes president.

Who are the two US Presidents that served only one term?

More than two Presidents served one term.

What date does the presidents term of office end?

Presidential terms expire on January 20 in the year following the election of a new president.

How is the term of a president?

US presidents have a 4-year term.

Do presidents get paid post term?

Yes, there is a pension paid to ex-presidents.

How many presidents have not completed term?

I believe it's around 9 presidents.

What's true about the Presidents pay?

It cannot Change during the presidents term

What percentage of US presidents had a 2nd term?

70% ( 23 of 33) incumbent US Presidents who ran for another term were elected.

Where is the apostraphe in presidents day?

Presidents is plural and possessive, so the apostrophe goes at the end: Presidents' Day.

Why have there been 46 vice presidents and 44 presidents?

Some presidents have had more then one Vice President during their term.

How many us presidents did not seek a second term in office?

15 us presidents

How long is a presidential term?

Us Presidents have a term of 4 years.

Who takes the presidents place if they can not serve a full term?

The Vice President becomes President and completes the original Presidents original term of office.