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When exactly will Bill Goldberg be back?


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some time when his knee is recovered

AnswerHe'll be back around the 23 of never. He has severed his ties with the WWE and he doesn't show any signs of returning. Answerhe wont be back he left wright after he was in the movie lonny tunes back in action AnswerNEVER!

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Bill Goldberg retired the WWE back in 2004.

No. Bill Goldberg will not be back. Also if you are wondering why he is not coming back. It is because he thinks that WWE is cruel to women and has foul language.

Bill Goldberg has retired from professional wrestling and has denied any rumors about him returning to wrestling.

Bill Goldberg is currently retired from professional wrestling, so he is not coming back to WWE or TNA.

As of August 2014, Bill Goldberg has no plans to go back to wrestling. He may appear in skits from time to time for WWE, but will not wrestle anymore.

No, Bill Goldberg is still alive.

No, Bill Goldberg is still alive.

bill goldberg will return in 2011.

Bill Goldberg is currently retired from the WWE.

Bill Goldberg (the wrestler) is Jewish.

No, Bill Goldberg doesn't have an actually dvd out. The only thing ever released for Bill Goldberg was when he was in Wcw back in the 1999 Wcw/Nwo Superstar Series: Goldberg Who's Next which was released on vhs. Wwe or Goldberg needs release DVD with all his matches from Wcw, Wwe, & New Japan matched.

Bill Goldberg is currently retired from professional wrestling.

Only Bill Goldberg can answer that. But, it is not likely that he will return.

Bill Goldberg hails from Atlanta, GA which is in USA.

Bill Goldberg is currently retired from professional wrestling.

No, Bill Goldberg is retired from wrestling.

No, Ryback and Bill Goldberg are two different people.

no"because he 45 year old isn't it

The first person to defeat Bill Goldberg and end his winning streak of 173 matches won was Kevin Nash. However this loss wasn't exactly fair as another fighter, Scott Hall, intervened with the fight and used a taser gun on Goldberg.

Bill Goldberg will not be returning to the WWE anytime soon.

It's possible he could make a speical apperance

Bill Goldberg - social worker - was born in 1946.

The bill goldberg lives in pakistan

WWE wrestler Bill Goldberg is 51 years old (born: December 27, 1966).

Yes, Bill Goldberg has lost numerous matches throughout his impressive career.

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