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Normally, tatoo shops inject it. Well, they put the ink on the needle, and it stabs and leaves the ink in the skin. Some people who do it from home, burn it.


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Getting a tattoo removed can be extremely painful ! When you get a tattoo removed it usually just leaves a scar of what the tattoo is, it's almost like getting a scarification tattoo, there is honestly no point in even getting a tattoo removed, you will still have it on your skin.

Actually, yes it is, especially if the tattoo needle is dirty.

Yes. There are topical anesthetics available at most tattoo shops. Just ask your artist

Tattoo . A tongue piercing is a just a simple pinch. Then again It really depends what size tattoo your getting. If it is large it will hurt more.

It does not hurt. It will sting, burn, and possibly make you cringe in slight pain, but it doesnt hurt. I just got my first tattoo down on my right forearm, just 3 days ago, and it didnt hurt. The first part, it stung. Then he colored it in, and it burned. Once he got to the middle of my forearm, it burned and make me cringe. But it was not like a "OMFG THAT HURTS" pain. At all. Though it really depends on your ability to take pain, I encourage you to get it. Dont ever let the pain of getting a tattoo stop you from getting that tattoo if its important to you.

just inject the needle into ur vein

yes, there are topical anesthetic's available at most tattoo shops that numb the skin, just ask your artist

Only if you are extremely unlucky. You should avoid a tattoo on the stomach or back, just in case.

being addicted to getting tattoos. getting stupid ones just for the sake of it ect. people can get addicted to anything

just do it... no alcohol/pain meds nothing works...i got my last name all the way down my side as my first tattoo and im 16 ... ____________________________________________________________________ Just bite the bullet and do it...

Well, if you're thinking about getting a tatto you should think long and hard about it. Tattoos are permanent, it's just like getting another nose. You have to make sure you're tattoo is something you'd be happy forever. If your stuck, why not have a tattoo of a trophy you won Or something. If I were to get a tattoo I wOuld get a big juicy cheese burger.

You can shower the same day. You just don't want to submerge the tattoo. Pat dry when done and apply some type of ointment.

A decent studio will ask for your ID before proceeding with the tattoo process. If they don't ask for your ID, they're a shady institution, and you don't want a tattoo from them. Are you too young to get a tattoo? If so, just wait until you're old enough. It's not worth the risk of getting an ugly tattoo, or getting an infection from an unsterilized tattoo studio. Do you just not have a driver's license or ID tag? Bring in some other kind of identification. It helps if it includes your photo. For example, a passport in conjunction with a birth certificate would work.

if its around the tattoo your just received then you should wait till the first one heals....otherwise it doesn't really matter....i'v gotten 4 tattoos in one week before...just be sure to keep them clean

No, it would just be very bad for your health so I don't recommend trying it.

Yes you can, if you want to endure more pain than is necessary...You are much better off just relaxing and let it happen... Remember Life is Pain, a tattoo is only a tattoo.. Hope this helps......

Well it depends on the job. For example, a job for a mechanic may not care while a job in a restaurant serving food may care. I would not recommend getting a tattoo on your hand just because some bosses are bias which they shouldn't be.

"OK Nurse, Now just INJECT the needle onto the patients arm."

It just depends on what you are getting and the size of it.It entirely depends on what tattoo you want to get and where you get it, so theres no real exact price.It depends on the size. Most tattoo shops charge a min. of $50 to cover cost of needles and ink.

She doesn't have a tattoo. In her first album she would always draw a heart on her foot and she was planning on getting it made into a tattoo but she decided against it to set a better example for her fans. If you see any art on her body it is just marker.

I'm not totally positive about this, but the last time I was getting ink, my artist said that you can tattoo white over black if its solid. Haven't tested it, but that's just an idea!

i wore my sweater same day as getting my tattoo done on my wrist just as long as it doesnt rub against or touch the area where you were tattooex to much then you should be fine

Anywhere you want You just go to you lokal tattoo shop and ask for that tattoo

This depends on how complex the tattoo is, the color and placement. The lowest is 60 which is just the needles at 40 then 20 for just the tattoo. Also if the place offers a cheap price for your tattoo you'll get cheated because the artwork will be poor or the artist will put the needle into your skin to far causing holidays. A recommendation of a tattoo pallor in Florida would be Ink Smith & Rogers. Good artists and reasonable prices. The larger your tattoo or the placement can cause the price to go up. So keep that in mind when you think of getting a tattoo.

Chances are, unfortunately, that the tattoo will not heal quite the same way. If the burn didn't go as deep as the ink, the deeper ink will still be faintly visible but the topmost layers of skin and tattoo will look faded, smoother, and possibly "feathered." (As in, the ink may have spread out.) If it breaks your heart to lose it, the good news is scar tissue can be tattooed, it just doesn't take the ink the same way and it may hurt a little more.

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