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Normally, tatoo shops inject it. Well, they put the ink on the needle, and it stabs and leaves the ink in the skin. Some people who do it from home, burn it.

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โˆ™ 2006-09-13 13:30:53
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Q: When getting a tattoo do they burn the ink into your skin or do they just inject it?
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Is it true that a person can get STDs just from getting a harmless butterfly tattoo?

Actually, yes it is, especially if the tattoo needle is dirty.

How do you inject drugs?

just inject the needle into ur vein

What hurts more tongue piercing or tattoo?

Tattoo . A tongue piercing is a just a simple pinch. Then again It really depends what size tattoo your getting. If it is large it will hurt more.

Can getting a tattoo during early pregnancy harm the fetus?

Only if you are extremely unlucky. You should avoid a tattoo on the stomach or back, just in case.

Does a tattoo on the forearm hurt?

It does not hurt. It will sting, burn, and possibly make you cringe in slight pain, but it doesnt hurt. I just got my first tattoo down on my right forearm, just 3 days ago, and it didnt hurt. The first part, it stung. Then he colored it in, and it burned. Once he got to the middle of my forearm, it burned and make me cringe. But it was not like a "OMFG THAT HURTS" pain. At all. Though it really depends on your ability to take pain, I encourage you to get it. Dont ever let the pain of getting a tattoo stop you from getting that tattoo if its important to you.

What is tattoo addiction?

being addicted to getting tattoos. getting stupid ones just for the sake of it ect. people can get addicted to anything

Why are there different degrees for getting burned?

The different degrees that are used for describing a person getting burned, is used to determine how deep the burn goes. A burn that is just on the first layer of skin would be a first degree burn.

How do you prepare for getting a tattoo on your side?

just do it... no alcohol/pain meds nothing works...i got my last name all the way down my side as my first tattoo and im 16 ... ____________________________________________________________________ Just bite the bullet and do it...

What would be a good tattoo for you?

Well, if you're thinking about getting a tatto you should think long and hard about it. Tattoos are permanent, it's just like getting another nose. You have to make sure you're tattoo is something you'd be happy forever. If your stuck, why not have a tattoo of a trophy you won Or something. If I were to get a tattoo I wOuld get a big juicy cheese burger.

Can you get a tattoo by getting paint in a cut?

No, it would just be very bad for your health so I don't recommend trying it.

How do you use inject as a sentence?

"OK Nurse, Now just INJECT the needle onto the patients arm."

Can you tighten your muscles while getting a tattoo?

Yes you can, if you want to endure more pain than is necessary...You are much better off just relaxing and let it happen... Remember Life is Pain, a tattoo is only a tattoo.. Hope this helps......

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