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did it actually crank over or did it kinda crank then click it sounds like maybe the battery doesn't have enough power but if your sure it does i'd guess its your starter. or the selinod

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If a 1995 Caprice Classic has power but will not turn over no clicking or anything but lights and panel lights what is it?

replace the starter

My 94 altima won't do anything when i try to start it but everything inside comes on radio lights ext what can it be?

Your starter could be shot

What is something to check on a 2000 Kia Sephia if you can get no power throughout the car No lights stereo starter etc?

Battery? Ignition switch?

How do you know when the ignition switch gone bad?

It will not engage and send current to the starter. You will not hear a click or anything else if the ignition switch is bad. With your headlights on when you turn the ignition if the lights dim is it not the ignition switch but more than likely a bad starter. If the lights do not dim it is more than likely the ignition switch.

What could be wrong with my truck if I do not get any power to your lights or anything when you turn the ignition key. I just changed out the starter the vehicle is a 1980 blazer fullsize?

sounds like you missed a wire replacement when you put the starter back on

Will the lights come on if the starter motor is dead?

yes. unless the starter has shorted out and drained the battery or burned a system fuse all of the lights should operate as usual

Pennywise the clown?

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Something you use to make the Christmas tree look festive?

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Check for a low car battery?

Try starting the car. If it doesn't start, then you might have a low charge in your battery! Turn the headlights on and then try to start the car - if the lights dim and you can hear the starter motor solenoid "click" or the starter turns the engine slowly then your battery is more than likely at fault. -if the lights don't dim and you can't hear anything from the starter motor then it is likely to be a loose earth connection or a loose connection to the starter motor solenoid (the thin cable out of the two that connect to your starter motor) Simples.

Error appeared on the radio screen and now the car wont start?

Will your lights headlights come on? Will anything work? Had something like that happen to me years ago. I had no lights and nothing worked. Turned out it was an alternator. There could be something else that would be wrong but, it would be something to check out.

What is the role of match heads?

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Can fireflies burn anything with their lights?

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Why does a 1989 Ford Aerostar parking lights stay on after shutting off the headlights even when vehicle is shut off and will remain on until battery is dead?

I would suspect a bad headlight and / or turnsignal switch assembly. I just ran across this problem recently with an 89 Aerostar with an Astrostart remote starter. When using the remote to lock the vehicle, the parking lights flash on and off. Something with the Astrostart was keeping the parking lights on until I shut the power off to the remote starter and from that point on the parking lights shut off fine. I don't know though what in the Astrostart is causing it. I don't know anything about remote starters. The owner is happy that his battery no longer goes dead but now he has to get help with the remote starter.

Can tube light golw without starter?

yes, special tube lights without starter are available which do not require a spark.

Can you keep the overhead lights on in an airplane during take off?

Yes, they will not do anything to the plane like having a phone or something on could.

Why would my lights work but my 2000 dodge ram 1500 won't start?

If the lights are bright, the starter may have failed. If the lights are dim and the starter turns over slowly (RRRRrrr . . .) the battery my need to be charged. If the lights are bright and the starter cranks normally, failures in the ignition system may be the cause. The engine needs a strong battery with clean, tight connections, fuel and spark. You are missing one of those.

Why would car lights work but wont turn over?

Defective starter or weak battery. Can also be a loose connection at the starter.

What could be the problem if you try starting the car but it will not start and it is silent?

Possible battery, starter, relay or wiring issues Peobably a dead battery. You can jump start it and let it run to see if it will charge back up. if something was left on, it may be fine. Other than that, check the cables to see if they are corroded. check to see if anything else works like the lights. if they work then you probably have a starter or electrical issue.

Your 94 Ford escort lx 1.9l wont start but all the lights on dash and radio come on is your starter out or if not what could be wrong?

Yes, a bad starter or starter solenoid can be the reason for a car not starting but all the lights coming on. It could be a battery going bad or being drained.

Where is the starter relay on 1994 Chevy Caprice?

I can not find the starter relay fuse on my caprice. I turn the key all the lights come on but that's it I checked the starter it works. no passkey light.

04 neon won't do anything lights come on try to start and nothing?

If the lights come on, it's obviously not the battery. It could be a number of things. IE spark plugs, ignition switches, starter, alternator etc. Also, you should make sure you have gas in the car... -_-

You turn the key in your 99 s-10 and the lights work you tested the starter the starter is good but will not turn over why?

See link.

Why would a 2004 Saturn ion not start The head lights radio interior lights work.?

Loose or corroded battery cable? Engine seized? Bad starter? Bad starter solenoid? Bad neutral safety switch?

Why does car start but park lights don't flash when pressing the remote on remote car starter?

check if your lights are still on that drained the battery

Interior lights wont dim on my mondeo?

If your interior lights are dimming, either your battery or starter could be failing. You should have your car checked.