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When i turn my lights on i have no rear lights or dash lights checked fuses there ok ihave front lights but no side lights at all?

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βˆ™ 2011-09-14 09:42:14

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Okay I have a good question!Ive just had this problem with mine,

Use a meter and check that you are getting power to the required places, fuses, light


have a look at the wiring block connector on the wiper and lights/indicator arms unit. You will need to take the steering collum apart, (5 screws i think) try jugguling the wires going into the block nearest the center collum. If the flicker you need to close the gaps inside the block that the pins go into from the light/indicator/wiper arms unit.

Try closing the gaps even if they don't flicker when juggling the wires.

If not try putting a positive supply straight to the connection in the fuse box (take out the fuse and bare wire the opening) this will test the connection down to the lights and make sure the earths are ok and the bulbs are ok. DONT keep it like this tho as you can start a fire - which ain't good.

Its a process of ilimination you ust gotta try a load of different things til summit works.

Hope this helps.

2011-09-14 09:42:14
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