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When installed on a 1999 Oldsmobile Alero should the CV axles extend an inch away from the transmission or should they butt up to it?


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2009-03-22 23:05:22
2009-03-22 23:05:22

The cv shaft if installed properly will be out from the transaxle about 1 1/2 . When the new shaft was put in it will be a little tight to get itover the clip which holds it in place.Make sure that the clip is there prior to installation.It will be on the output shaft that is sticking out of the tranny after the shaft is off.Grease the new shafrt with litieum grease inside and out.The shaft must go in straight otherwise it will damage the seal.If you think it is in just give it a little tug and it shoud not come out as the clip will hold it in place


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