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Technically, you are not required to give a gift at all. However, if you wish to give a gift, the type and value of the gift are up to you. If you find yourself cash-strapped, this would be a good time to make use of any talent you have or hobby you enjoy to create a personal gift for the couple. For example, if you sew you could make napkins and placemats. If you paint, you could customize a picture frame or step stool or something. If you scrapbook, you could do that. If you do woodwork, you could create something for them. If you embroider, you could monogram some towels for them.

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Q: When invited to a wedding shower and the wedding are you required to give the couple a gift for each event?
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What if you are not invited to a bridal shower but invited to the wedding. Are you wanted at the wedding?

If you are not invited to the bridal shower dose not mean your not wanted at the wedding . So go to the wedding .

Should you have a wedding shower for a couple that is having a private ceremony?

It is proper etiquette to only invite people to the shower who will also be invited to the wedding. If the couple is having a private ceremony with only family, then only invite family to the shower. If they are eloping and not inviting anyone, it would be safest not to have a shower because those at the shower would be expecting a wedding invitation.

Invited to a bridal shower and you do not know the bride?

Whether you know the bride or not you should bring a gift to her bridal shower. You also have the right to not attend the wedding shower especially if you are not invited to the wedding.

If you are invited to both shower and wedding but cannot attend the wedding do you go to the shower?

yes! of course! they want you there and they want your presents!

Can you invited people to shower but not wedding?

Possibly, but I personally don't like that idea.

Why do you buy a gift for a bridal shower when your invited to the wedding?

If you are invited to the bridal shower and the wedding it is usually customary to buy a gift for both events. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Well if you are invited to bridal shower as well as wedding.... then definitely you need to take care of the budget. Because now you have to spend twice. So the best solution to this is for bridal shower buy something not all that expensive...some things that come to my mind are: # Wedding Bowls & Plates # Wedding Night Lingerie # Tees for Brides # Spa Gift Sets # Drinkware # Cookbooks for Newlyweds

Can you invite guests to bridal shower if they are not invited to the wedding due to venue constraints?

You can, of course, but a great deal of tact will be required since it's only human nature for those not invited to the wedding to wonder how you reached the decision to invite others and not them.On the other hand, there could be resentment if you invite friends to neither the shower nor the wedding!One idea might be to make it a special shower, maybe with champagne and good finger food, and explain privately to each person not invited to the wedding how bad you feel at not being able to fit everybody in, but there simply isn't room.Perhaps you could give them, privately again, a small gift - a keepsake - of the wedding and suggest that once you're settled following the honeymoon, you'll give a simple, intimate party just for them. Do this before the wedding, otherwise it might appear to some that you feel they're upset and are simply trying to pacify them.

Do you have to give a engagement present and a wedding present?

No, it is not necessary to give an engagement present unless someone is giving a party for the fiance and fiancee. A wedding shower gift from the females invited to the shower and a wedding gift is etiquette.

Do you give a gift when you receive a wedding announcement?

* No, you do not give a wedding gift when you are invited to a wedding, but please reply on the small card with stamped envelope to let the person who invited you that you will or will not be attending and tick where there is a guest you are inviting or your husband or boyfriend. If a woman then you give a gift at the bridal shower and of course a wedding gift which you would leave at the Wedding Reception.

Should father's name be included in baby shower invitations?

If the shower is a couple's baby shower, then the father's name should be included on the invitation. While not the norm, couple's or coed baby showers are gaining in popularity as today's dads are becoming more involved in raising their children than in past generations. For a couple's baby shower, male and female friends of the couple would be invited to attend. If the baby shower is only for the mother-to-be, then the father's name should not appear on the baby shower invitation. In this case, usually only female friends and relatives of the mommy-to-be would be invited.

Do you put both names on a shower gift for a wedding?

It is customary to purchase a shower gift if you are planning on attending it, or if the person purchased you one for your shower. As far as a wedding gift goes, if you plan on attending, plan on purchasing a gift. If you don't plan on attending it is completely up to you whether you purchase a gift or not. A card of congratulations, regardless of whether or not you purchase them a gift, is always welcome and a sign of good manners.

When the wedding is immediate family only can others not attending be invited to a shower?

Traditionally if the immediate family is invited to the wedding itself, but the reception is at a hall or a parent's home then guests should be invited then that is the only time you should invite others to a wedding shower. If the wedding is small with no other guests other than the immediate family then either the mother and father of the bride or the groom's parents could have a small reception at their home and those guests should then receive an invitation (can make the invitations online) or buy less traditional invitations at card shops and then invite certain relatives if you so choose. However, as long as other relatives and friends understand the reasoning for your wedding plans then you could get away with a wedding shower and wedding gifts and that is up to the bride and her mother.