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When is Kingdom Hearts Three coming out?


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Probably in 3-4 years


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it is coming out in 2008 this summer June day:?

Hopefully they'll all be coming out in 2008, but so far the list is: Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix. Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep. Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days (three-five-eight days over two). Kingdom Hearts: Coded. Kingdom Hearts 3.

Yes there will be! The order of the games based on the time lines are,Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep DONEKingdom Hearts DONEKingdom Hearts: Chain Of Memories DONEKingdom Hearts: 358/2 DONEKingdom Hearts II DONEKingdom Hearts Coded DONEKingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance Coming SoonKingdom Hearts III Coming Soon

Mushroom Kingdom Hearts? Never heard of it!

Kingdoms Hearts 1 is out. Kingdom Hearts 2 is out. Kingdom Hearts 3 is coming out in July something or its probably already out.

yes there is another kingdom hearts game coming out and it is called kingdom hearts re coded and i dont really remember what it is about

A kingdom hearts movie is not planned right now.

In order of Release These are Them kingdom hearts kingdom hearts 2 kingdom hearts:final re mix kingdom hearts chain of memories kingdom hearts re:chain of memories coming soon:kingdom hearts re:coded and maybe:kingdom hearts 3

There is no Kingdom Hearts three yet.

Kingdom Hearts 2 Vol.2 is coming out around May 13th

there is no kingdom hearts 3 yet but the kingdom hearts for ds which is kingdom hearts 358\2 days will be coming out in September 29 2009

No. Kingdom Hearts is scheduled to be released in the summer of 2010.

Games coming out Kingdom Hearts 1.5 remix Games out in order of the story. Birth By Sleep Kingdom Hearts KH:Chain of Memories KH: 358 days/2 Kingdom Hearts 2 Kingdom Hearts Coded Kingdom Hearts 3D Dream Drop Distance. Extras: Kingdom Hearts Final mix. Kingdom Hearts Birth by sleep Final mix Kingdom Hearts 2 Final mix KH: Re Chain of Memories KH: Re Coded.

There are a total of 9 kingdom heart games. Theres Kingdom Hearts, Kingdom hearts II, kingdom hearts final mix, kingdom hearts chain of memories, kingdom hearts Re:chain of memories, kingdom hearts coded, kingdom hearts Re:coded, Kingdom hearts 358/2 days, and kingdom hearts birth by sleep. There is supposedly a new one coming out but the people that created kingdom hearts are still deciding. So possibly 10 soon.

ive searched on this and im not absolutly sure but here is what ive heard mostly. ps3 ps2 and possibly kingdom hearts three final on the wii

kingdom hearts birth by isn't three its unknown

No, Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep is special to the PSP

A Kingdom Hearts film hasn't even been announced yet!

Well i know the next kingdom hearts game is not really called kingdom hearts three but kingdom hearts 358/2 days. Its for the D.s and your roxas not sora. But kingdom hearts three will most likely be on ps3 from what i'v heard on gaming sites

Kingdom Hearts Realm of the Dissouled is a fan-made box art cover. Kingdom Hearts Realm of the Dissouled is not a real game.

So far there is no word of an Kingdom hearts 3...but there is 4 kingdom hearts games that are coming out... 1. Kingdom Hearts Re:CoM for the ps2, which is already out. 2. Kingdom Hearts 358/2 days for the Ds. 3. Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep, which will be for PSP. 4. Kingdom Hearts Coded, which will be for a phone.

There are three total in the KH series.Kingdom HeartsKingdom Hearts 2Kingdom Hearts Re: Chain Of MemoriesI hope this answers your question..

There are currently 6 kingdom hearts games, kingdom hearts birth by sleep(Not released yet), kingdom hearts, kingdom hearts 2, kingdom hearts chain of memories, kingdom hearts 359 days over 2 and kingdom hearts coded, not including the three remakes, KH+FM, KHII+FM and KH Re:Chain of Memories.

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