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Mindless Behavior is coming to Canada in March.


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where is mindless behavior going to be this summer 2013

mindless behavior is going to be in ustream today at 3:00

No mindless behavior is not going to new medico

mindless behavior performed at six flags already

3/22/11 is when mindless behavior will be on the show!

No they r not cuz rayray already had an audition to be in the band MINDLESS BEHAVIOR.

yes they in going to your house

Some mindless behavior has already happened on episodes Sonny With A Chance

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They are going to be in Dallas in October.

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Mindless behavior is going on tour starting this summer july 2012.

they are going to the 8th grade

Mindless Behavoir's CD will cost 19.99

Mindless Behavior are coming to Six Flags in DC/Baltimore on the 20th of August as a Back to School concert!

No, they are still going strong.

No they don't there in secondary school

idk this is wat im trying to figer out but.. im going with my dad in cali `kyra perry`

Sunday August 7,2011 is when Mindless behavior will be performing on So Random 1~4~3

i think he is going to marry you but princeton only will

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