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This legislation is referred to as the Indian Contract Act of 1872. It relates to laws regarding binding contracts in all states in India except Jammu and Kashmir

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In which chapter of Indian contract act 1872 partnership is given?

Chapter IX of Indian Contract Act, 1872. This chapter has been repealed. At present we have Indian Paetnership Act, 1932 as a separate Act.

Some cases of Indian contract act?

case study of spellman vs spellman under indian contract act 1872

How was the political process used to pass the legislation of the Indian Civil Rights Act of 1968?

how was the political process usedto pass the legislation of the indian cicil rights act of 1968

What are the case studies in Indian contract act 1872?

The 1872 Indian contract act was for Nature and Kind of Contracts .This act would control various kinds of commercial and business contracts.

What federal legislation of 1887 broke up Indian reservations?

Dawes Act

What legislation established the collective rights of groups in Canada?

The Indian act, the numbered treaties , the Canadian constitution and the Manitoba act.

What are the essentials of Indian contract act?


What legislation allowed Georgia to push the creek and Cherokees out of the state?

The Indian Removal Act of 1830

What is the history of Indian Contract Act 1872 From what is derived from?

See below link for information:

What did the Indian education act do?

1972 legislation establishing a approach to meeting needs of American Indian and Alaska Native students and still continues to this day.

Can a foreigner become partner in Indian partnerhp firm?

As per the provisions of Indian contract act, 1872 a foreigner can become a partner in Indian partnership firm.

What has the author Asoka Chunder Dutt written?

Asoka Chunder Dutt has written: 'The Indian Contract Act (Act IX of 1872)'

Indian contract act section 1 to section 75?

General pricinples of Law of Contracts.

What has the author Vincent A Gabriel written?

Vincent A. Gabriel has written: 'Guide to the Singapore Employment Act' -- subject(s): Popular works, Labor contract, Employee rights, Labor laws and legislation 'Guide to the Singapore Employment Act' -- subject(s): Popular works, Labor contract, Employee rights, Labor laws and legislation

Is it legal for a 10-year-old to sign a contract?

No........ according to Indian contract Act a person must have attained the age of 18 to enter in to a contract or else that contract becomes void and null contract as it is a contract made with minor............

What legislation was passed in 1830 relocating the five civilized tribes from their lands in the East to others further west?

The Indian Removal Act

What legislation act did COBRA amend?

what legislation act did COBRA amend ERISA Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974

What are the contract acts of Ghana?

Contract act (act 25), 1960

What are India's current laws about the untouchables?

In 1989 the Indian government passed legislation known as The Prevention of Atrocities Act. The act specifically made it illegal to commit atrocities against the untouchables.

Why was the Civil Rights Act of 1964 an important act of legislation?

It was an important act of legislation in that it bans discrimination based on race in government and business

Explain provisions of unilateral mistake under Indian contract act?

Unilateral mistakes are said to occur when only one party is at mistake regarding the essential facts of a contract.

Did ikonfx create the Spot Gold Futures contract in response to DFA legislation?

Yes,in cooperation with NASDAQ OMX Futures Exchange,IKONFX created the Spot Gold Futures contract in response to Dodd Frank Act (DFA) legislation, which forced the cessation of all leveraged retail spot gold transactions.

Is the contract act is exhaustive law or not?

no contract act is not an exhaustive code. oky.

What does legislation mean?

Legislation is the legislative act of enacting law by a legislature.

What is the difference between a Act and Statutory instrument?

An Act of Parliament is substantive legislation whereas a Statutory Instrument is subsidiary or delegated legislation.

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