When is best to take a cruise?

Updated: 10/20/2022
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The best time to take a cruise really depends on where you want to cruise.

The fall and winter months are best for cruising in the Caribbean and the Pacific coast of Mexico. It's also a good time of year to cruise to Southeast Asia and Australia / New Zealand (it will be summer there when it's winter here).

The summer is the best time to cruise to Alaska and to cruise along the Coastlines in Europe.

Fall is great for cruising along the northeastern coast of the US to see the changing foliage.

Cruising is good at any time of year, it just depends on where you would like to go.

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Q: When is best to take a cruise?
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What would be the best cruise to take in April?

I would take the Alaskan cruise!!! oh it is soo soo soo nice!

Where is the best place to take a cruise to in September?

The Bahamas

What are the best cruise lines to take a vacation on?

How To Get The Best Cruise Deal is a FREE Report showing exactly what to look for and what questions to ask to make sure you get the BEST PRICE possible on your cruise vacation.

Where are the best cruise trips in the west?

"The best cruises that you can take are cruises that go to Hawaii. This is my personal opinion and if I wanted to take a cruise in the west, it would definitely be to Hawaii."

Weatherwise when is the best time to take a cruise?

The best time to take a cruise weather-wise is during spring. This will then translate to summer which eliminates any chances of stormy weather.Ê

What is the best cruise line to take for a Caribbean cruise?

Royal Caribbean. It's expensive though... How is it expensive?

When is the best time to take a cruise outside hurricane seasons?

It depends on what country you are from, what country you want to cruise around.

What currency is best to take on a Caribbean cruise?

I'd say Euro's.

When is the best time of year to take an Alaskan cruise?

The best time to cruise to Alaska is between May and September. It is the best time as it is not that dangerous, it would not be that could and that is the best time to see the beauty that the country can offer. It is also best to cruise Alaska in a smaller cruise ship as this can reach places in Alaska that bigger vessels does not normally reach.

Which cruise line is the best to take to the Bahamas?

Cruise lines vary on the person. Carnival cruise lines are saidd to be a top choice but research each cruise line to ensure it accomodates your specific needs

Is September a good time to take a cruise?

If it's a Mediterranean cruise you're going on, September is one of the best times to choose.

What is the best sunset on Crete Greece?

Take a sunset cruise from Chania Harbour.