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When is spring in Puerto Rico?

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Puerto Rico has two seasons: spring (November-March) and summer the rest of the time. From July to September is Hurricane season.

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When is spring break in San juan puerto rico?

Year round.

Is Puerto Rico a foreign country?

If you are in Puerto Rico, no. If you are not in Puerto Rico, yes.

Puerto Rico in spanish?

Puerto Rico

What are the Puerto Rico countries?

Puerto Rico

Is Puerto Rico a continent?

No, Puerto Rico is an island.Actually Puerto Rico is NOT a continent ; it is an island .

How do you say welcome to Puerto Rico in spanish?

welcome to puerto rico

Conoces a alguien de Puerto Rico No no conozco a de Puerto Rico?

¿Conoces a alguien de Puerto Rico?No, no conozco a nadie de Puerto Rico.Do you know someone in Puerto Rico:No, I know no one in Puerto Rico.Answer:nadie

What is the time difference between New York and Puerto Rico?

During Spring and Summer New York and Puerto Rico share the same time zone. But since Puerto Rico does not implement Daylight Savings Time, during Fall Winter there is a one hour difference.

Where is a Puerto Rico bakery in 33012?

in puerto rico

Puerto Rico is cool?

Puerto Rico is awesome!!

What do they dance in Puerto Rico?

In Puerto Rico they do salsa!

Where to get a Puerto Rico driver's license?

In Puerto Rico

What state is Puerto Rico by?

Puerto Rico is by Cuba

What is the country code and area code of Puerto Rico Puerto Rico?

The country code and area code of Puerto Rico, Puerto Rico is 1, (1+)787.

Is Puerto Rico a commonwealth of the US?

Yes, the offical title of Puerto Rico is actually "The Commonwealth of Puerto Rico".

What is the state insect of Puerto Rico?

Puerto Rico is not a state. The symbol/insect/animal of Puerto Rico is the Coqui.

Any songs about Puerto Rico?

the national anthem of Puerto Rico would be a good song about Puerto Rico

What island is San Juan Puerto Rico located?

San Juan,PUERTO RICO so Puerto Rico.

Has it ever rained in Puerto Rico?

Puerto Rico has a rain forest meaning raining in Puerto Rico is common.

How do you say i am from Puerto Rico in spanish?

Soy de Puerto Rico. (I'm from Puerto Rico) or Soy puertorriqueño. (I'm a Puerto Rican)

What is the main religion in Puerto Rico?

The main religion of Puerto Rico is Roman Catholicism.The major religion of Puerto Rico is Roman Catholicism.There is no Official religion in Puerto Rico.

How does Puerto Rico money looks?

Puerto Rico is an US territory. Puerto Rico use the US dollar($). All citizens born in Puerto Rico are US citizens.

What ethnicity are people from Puerto Rico?

Puerto Rican. 92% of population was born in Puerto Rico and 97.3% identified themselves as native to puerto Rico

What is Puerto Rico's government's name?

The Government of Puerto Rico have two official names. The first one: Government of Puerto Rico; and the second one: Commonwealth of Puerto Rico. In Spanish: 'Gobierno de Puerto Rico' or 'Estado Libre Asociado de Puerto Rico'.

Are there landmarks in Puerto Rico?

Of course there are landmarks in Puerto Rico.