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When is the best age to have an ultrasound to find edd when lmp is unknown?

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The earlier and ultrsound is performed the more accurate it is. Usually around 7 weeks. But any time in the first 20 weeks is accurate to within 5 days. After this babies weights start to vary too much the estimate to be as accurate.

2006-09-07 06:55:17
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Can an ultrasound calculate age of a fetus?

Ultrasound can calculate the age of the fetus almost accurately.

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How accurate is an ultrasound for the age of a fetus?

If the radiologist is competant enough, ultrasound can be 99% accurate.

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What's the difference between galmp and gaedd when an ultrasound is performed?

GA is gestational age which is how far pregnant you are. LMP is last menstrual period, which is the date of the first day. EDD is estimated dte of delivery (40 weeks from the LMP) The EDD may be changed if the ultrasound gestational age differs from the age by LMP by a lot.

Why are 2 weeks taken off your ultrasound scan age?

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I am an Obstetrics/perinatal Nurse at Elmendorf AFB, Anchorage, AK. I am trying to find a training program to teach me how to perform AFI/BPP/Ultrasound for CEUs and develop my ability to perform AFI/BPP/Ultrasound for 20wks and above in gestational age.?

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