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A woman is fertile during ovulation and up to week beforehand when there is fertile quality cervical mucus present - it's biologically impossible to get pregnant from sex at any other time of the menstrual cycle. During the average 28 day cycle this would mean the fertile phase is from days 7-16 - but everyone's cycle is different, you need to start practising fertility awareness method in order to determine exactly when you are fertile or not in order to maximise chance of pregnancy.

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Q: When is the most fertile time to become pregnant?
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When you are fertile does that reduce the chances of becoming pregnant?

The fertile time is the most likely time to get pregnant.

Can you become pregnant during ovulation?

Yes! Ovulation is your most fertile time, so that's when you're most likely to get pregnant.

Can you be pregnant when Ovulation?

You can get pregnant during period of ovulation. It's the best or most fertile time to get pregnant.

Can you get pregnant three days before and three days after ovulation?

yes you can get pregnant at that time you are most fertile

If a man ejaculated sperm in me 2 days before my ovulation can I become pregnant?

Yes you definitely could become pregnant. You would be very fertile around this time.

Can you get pregnant any time?

No. You can get pregnant when you are fertile, in between periods.

Do rabbits menstrate?

no. but they are almost constantly fertile, so any time they are exposed to male, they could become pregnant.

Do women only get pregnant when they are fertile?

Most of the time. Sometimes they don't even. Good Luck!! >:^)

What is the best time to become pregnant?

A woman can only get pregnant during a 24 hour window each month. This is the amount of time from when an egg is released until it is no longer fertile.

Can dogs get pregnant anytime or does it have to be a fertile time?


Are you at your most fertile while on your period?

no you are at your most fertile during ovulation which is the stage that happens before your perios.. your period is a result of an egg not becoming fertilized however you can still get pregnant during your period.. it is just not your most fertile time

What is fertile time of women?

During "that time" of the month thats when she is most fertile

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