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Very difficult, but possible. You would need to discuss this with your lawyer. If the children have a good relationship with their father, then it would be immoral for any judge to allow you to take them far away from dad. The kids will have enough to deal with when you get married and bring a new person into their lives, he really needs to look for a job in your town. Your kids could come out of this emotionally scarred, they are already hurt because of a broken home. * Courts seldom have a problem with rescinding restrictions when the requesting parent has "good and special cause." A new marriage, job relocation, the necessity to relocate due to health reasons and so forth are legally acceptable to file a petition to have the terms of a custody order amended. Generally the judge will amend the visitation/custodial terms to fit into the lifestyle of the parent who is not relocating. Another provision might be that the relocating parent would be responsible for traveling expenses, although this is not a certainty. Our law firm handles these type of situations regularly and have as yet to encounter a judge who is unwilling to allow the primary caregiver who has just cause the right to relocate. Thousands of children "commute" between biological parents without any ensuing emotional trauma. It is quite common in the U.S. society for children to live in blended families and be as normal and well adjusted as a child living in a traditional family environment.

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Q: When marrying a man who lives in another state what are your chances of lifting the geographical limitation on child custody arrangements?
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