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Q: When must a router's serial interface be configured with the clock rate command?
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What is difference between serial interface and Ethernet interface?

The FastEthernet interface of R1 is disabled. One of the default routes is configured incorrectly. A routing protocol is not configured on both routers. The default gateway has not been configured on both routers.

When must a router serial interface is configured with the clock rate command?

You should configure the clock rate at the DCE device. ALWAYS The routers will not work right if you forget to do this.

When must a router serial interface be configured with the clock rate command?

When the interface is functioning as a DCE device

What is the result of using the clock rate 56000 command at the serial interface of the router?

The interface is configured as a DCE device.

Two routers are connected via their serial ports in a lab environment The routers are configured with valid IP addresses but they cannot ping each other The show interface serial00 command shows t?

lmfao you really thought you where going to get the answer

Line protocol in down then what you do?

there may be the issue with the layer 2 protocol like hdlc or ppp is not configured or wrongly configured if the interface is serial interface.

What is a serial interface on a router used for?

a serial interface on a router is basically used for WAN communications. we generally connect to other routers through internet using serial interface. In a lab scenario we generally emulate WAN connections by connecting the serial interfaces of the routers using a cable called DCE/DTE cable.

Is clocking of a routers serial interface set by the DCE or the DTE?

(DCE) Data Communications Equipment (the serial interface responsible for clocking) (DTE) Data Terminal Equipment (the serial interface designed for connection to a CSU/DSU to outside digital communication service)

What are the three best ways to see if your routers serial port is dce or dte end?

1. The command show controllers serial [interface number]can be used to determine whether your serial interface is a DCE or DTE interface. An abbreviated listing of the displayed results for the show controllers serial 0 command is shown. The Serial0/0 interface is a V.35 DCE cable. This command should be used when you have an RJ-45 connection.2. The V.35 cables are typically labeled to indicate whether they are a DTE or DCE cable.3. Inspect the end of the V.35 cable to determine whether it is made (DTE) or female (DCE)

What common transmission parameters must be established for a serial printer interface?

The serial port must be configured for speed, parity type, character frame and protocol.

Which command sets the encapsulation on a Serial interface back to the Cisco default?

encapsulation hdlc

Which important piece of troubleshooting information can be discovered about a serial interface using the show controllers command?

serial cable type

Which command must be entered when connecting two routers without external DCE devices via a serial link?

Clock rate.

Why set clock rate in router?

To configure the clock rate for the hardware connections on serial interfaces such as network interface modules (NIMs) and interface processors to an acceptable bit rate, use the clock rate interface configuration command. Use the no form of this command to remove the clock rate if you change the interface from a DCE to a DTE device. Using the no form of this command on a DCE interface sets the clock rate to the hardware-dependent default value.

When must a router serial interface be configured with the clock rate?

When it needs to provide clocking for the serial line. This occurs when you are using a null-modem cable in a lab. You would apply the clock rate to the router that is connected as the DCE device.

Does bluetooth use parallel interface?

No, bluetooth is a serial interface.

What is the effect of configuring the ip bandwidth percent eigrp command?

EIGRP will use up to 50 percent of the bandwidth of a link, as defined by the bandwidth interface configuration command. This command may be used if some other fraction of the bandwidth is desired. Note that values greater than 100 percent may be configured. The configuration option may be useful if the bandwidth is set artificially low for other reasons.ExamplesThe following example allows EIGRP to use up to 75 percent (42 kbps) of a 56-kbps serial link in autonomous system 209:interface serial 0bandwidth 56ip bandwidth-percent eigrp 209 75

What Serial ports on a computer can be configured as?

com1,com2 com3

What do you mean by admin down in router serial interface?

admin down basically means that an adminstrator shutdown the interface for any number of reasons, and if the admin wanted to, they could bring it back up with the 'no shutdown' command.

What is the default encapsulation for serial interfaces on Cisco routers?


What is a USB serial interface?

These interface products turn regular USB ports into ports for serial products that can be connected to other serial components for communication uses.

Which is faster serial interface or parallel interface?

It depends on the serial bit rate versus the parallel strobe cycle time but, in general, a parallel interface is faster than a serial interface. However, modern USB, Firewire, and SATA interfaces are very fast, and might be considered faster.

What are the types of network interface card?

Gigabit Ethernet interface Controller interface Serial interface Multilink Group interface MFR (Multilink Frame Relay bundle interface) Dialer interface Loopback interface Tunnel interface ATM interface

What are the types of network interface cards?

Gigabit Ethernet interface Controller interface Serial interface Multilink Group interface MFR (Multilink Frame Relay bundle interface) Dialer interface Loopback interface Tunnel interface ATM interface

What happens when PPP encapsulation is configured on each end of the serial link?

They can communicate.