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Check or replace the socket

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โˆ™ 2008-12-11 22:19:11
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Q: When replaced the bulb keeps blowing out on left turn back signal is the fuse bad?
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What absorbs the signal and keeps them from bouncing back along the truck in a computer?

it is a terminator :)

Radiator keeps blowing water back over heats?

bad thermostat or bad heat gasket

I took the limiter off my ajutor electric ped and its been fine but recently the fuse keeps blowing Ive replaced it and this time melted abit of battery housing anyone know what could be up and how?

Taking the limiter off means that you're pushing more amps than intended through the motor, which is why the fuse keeps blowing. Blowing fuses is a sure sign that something is wrong, either in the machine or its usage. Back off and put the limiter back before you destroy something expensive. If that doesn't worry you you can always try with a higher rated fuse.

Your 96 LHS is overheating and you replaced the thermostat The radiator hose keeps getting stiff and the car overheats How can you tell if it is a water pump issue or a head gasket?

It could be your head gasket... is it blowing blue smoke out the back? or you could have a messed up valve or something It could be your head gasket... is it blowing blue smoke out the back? or you could have a messed up valve or something

What keeps the valves from blowing back the blood another way?

The natural flow of the blood stream in the human body. (ie: pressure, resistance)

How do you replace dash light for 2003 Mitshubishi MOntero Sport?

dash light and back light on my Montero sport went out and keeps blowing fuses. why

How do you fix turn signals that one side flash fast?

If one turn signal is flashing fast it is to warn the driver they need to replaced either the front or back signal bulb.

How do you get a signal on a cellphone that keeps on getting no signal everywhere you go?

Probably should talk to your cell provider. Could be a hardware issue with the phone, or a back end issue with the provider no longer recognizing your ESN, etc. thanks for the answer =)

2004 explorer rear heat not blowing?

heat and a/c barley blowing in back?

If the turn signal flashes fast how do you know if to replace the front or back light?

turn on your turn signal and look for the bulb that's not blinkingAnswerThe light that needs to be replaced will be the one that is not flashing. You need to turn on your turn signal and walk around the vehicle to see which one is not flashing.

Why only turn on the front signal and the back signal no turn on?

if the front signal is working and the back doesn't, the light is probably blown.

The fuse connected to the element in my back window keeps blowing any ideas?

You have a short. Very common problem with hatch equiped vehicals as the wiring between the hatch and body breaks and shorts.

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