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When replacing the starter on a 1996 GMC Sierra PU how do you take the wires off the battery etc?


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2005-01-27 14:19:48
2005-01-27 14:19:48

The rule for "ANY" battery is always disconnect the negative (black) first before the repairs, and connect it back last at the end of the repairs. Then you can disconnect the cable and wire at the starter when you lower it. Check your specs, most GM starters need to be "shimmed" when reinstalled. This is imperitive and do not believe any parts store that tells you their starter does not require shims. This is bull and if you do not install it correctly later you'll be replacing the ring gear/flexplate and it ain't cheap. Take it from a GM certified mechanic. Also when you disconnect the battery do not be surprised if the vehicle does not run the same after, as it did before as the computer will have to relearn your driveability on controlling the engine/transmission. On a 1996 this is fairly fast and usually does not take more than a couple of hours of driving. Good Luck


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I am currently having the same issue. First unhook the battery completely. Then you need to find where the wires on the starter are connected to the battery. Detach the wires from the starter that go to the battery. Once you have the starter wires completely detached from battery you can start removal of starter from engine block.

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check your starter wires there should be wires going to 2 different places on the starter, 1 large gage wire to the copper terminal and 1 smaller to activate the solenoid

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The Starter on a 1995 Mustang THe starter is located at the bottom of the engine near just off the flywheel. Disconnect the battery, then the wires going to the starter, unbolt the old starter, bolt in the new starter, attach the wires, connect the battery and you're done.

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Disconnect the negative battery cable from the battery, remove the two bolts from the starter, drop the starter enough to disconnect the wires from it and remove the starter from the engine.

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