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When should you call a girl?

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βˆ™ 2006-08-06 04:34:52

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either the next day or later that night i guess

2006-08-06 04:34:52
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Q: When should you call a girl?
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How many days should you wait to call after a girl gives you her number?

If you like the girl you should call as soon as possible.

Should you call the girl you like?

no Yes you should. If its a girl you like you should tell her how you feel.

Should a girl call after the first date?

no the guy should.

What should you call your girl horse?


Should a girl call a boy?

There is no reason why not.

If a girl asks for a guys number and he takes hers who is expected to call?

Whoever asked should call.the guys should call

What should a girl call her boyfriend?

i love you cookie

Should i ever tell a girl call me sometime?

Yes, if not the girl would not call you. And there goes your chance of meeting up with her again.

What topic I should talk when you calling a girl on phone?

dont call them call let them call you and if you have to make it always about them

Should you call a girl?

If shes your friend YES if shes not NO

What should a girl call a guy?

There name, or nickname if they have one.

What should you call your female piplup?

Buubles, Queen Aqua, or something you would call a girl fish

What should you call your child?

anything you want. personaly if it was a boy i would call it Freddy and if it was a girl Emma

What should you call a baby girl?

India is a great name....

What if a girl call me brother?

means she is flirting with you so you should ignore her.

If your boyfriend is cheating should you call the girl?

Why bother calling her? Dump the guy and let the girl have that trash heap.

Should the guy call the girl more?

if you call her more, she might get the hint that you like her...if you do and you want to indirectly show it...then do it!

If you give a girl your and they don't call will they later on or should you ask them if they can call or what?

i am a girl and when guys give me their number, i get really excited ,but when i want to call them, i get butterflies and cant even dia lthe number. you should call her firsat and seem totally available and frendly and she will open up sooner or later.

Do you need a reason to call a girl?

If you want to call her, that should be reason enough. Just call and talk to her as you would any other person.

What should you do if im gay with a guy but you like a girl?

Call yourself bisexual.

Should a girl call a guy for the first time?

Sure - there is nothing wrong with it.

Should I ever tell a girl I'll call her?

Only if she's sexy

What should I do if my friends call me gay for not liking a girl?

Ignore them. These 'friends' are immature.

Should a girl call a guy?

no let the guy call u because if he really likes you he wil call unless the call is for something else other from dating

Should guys call a girl sexy?

It all depends on the girl some girls like it some don´t.