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"I'd say [start building a nursery] as soon as is comfortable. The larger you get, the harder it is to move things around (even the lightweight things -- you just get tired of carrying them from room to room). Now, at 6 1/2 months pregnant, I'm really not in the mood to move the bookcases that need moving!"

"Selecting the paint/wallpaper takes a loooong time if both you and your husband are anything like us! And it may take awhile to order certain paper. Then just getting it painted or papered takes awhile of course. It's much easier to get this done earlier in the pregnancy."

"This depends. Are you just going to set up the furniture? If so, you can do it as soon as you buy the furniture, or someone can do it for you the day before the baby comes home. It really doesn't make a difference. But if you want to put up new wallpaper, lay down new flooring, etc., then you'll want to get started a few months before your due date -- so you don't have to rush, and you'll know it will be done in time."

"Surely the man in your life would be responsible in doing all the hard work ... you shouldn't have to do a thing whilst you are pregnant. You need to relax and take things easy.

If you are considering repainting the room then you would need to give yourself approximately 3 months preparation, especially to get the paint fumes to settle down."

"Setting up the furniture will only take a day and delivery of the goods (if you haven't bought already) is almost immediately in some stores. So relax, take it easy, you have heaps of time."

"Setting up the furniture may only take a day, however the furniture may smell like laquer or paint or glue if it is coming right out of a box. Our high-end crib required 3 weeks out of the box before the nursery smelled normal again (in August). I suggest you set up your nursery at the end of your 2nd or the beginning of your 3rd trimester. By then you will have gotten to know your little one better and will have a much better idea of what you want. Things are confusing in the first trimester and you will be busy learning and reading in the second. You will know yourself and the baby much better in the third. "

"I would wait until you were a certain month pregnant just to be safe."

"Have it done before the baby shower."

"Several months before giving birth, will be the best time for a mother or both the couple to plan and prepare for a baby nursery and to put some nursery decorations on it. Consider all important things that a baby needs."

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Q: When should you create a nursery for an expected baby?
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