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Planning for aWedding

If you have the time, then the ideal time-line to start planning your wedding would be 12 to 18 months before the actual event.

You may think that this time-line is quite a lot before you would actually expect to start planning a wedding, but in reality it is not. If time permits, this is the perfect time-line for wedding planning.

There are hundreds of things that need to be taken care of in planning a wedding; thus the earlier you start the better. There are fewer chances of you forgetting something or missing out on something important if you start planning your wedding well in advance. Certain things such as church bookings and reception hall reservations are usually made more than a year prior to weddings. So you too should begin your wedding preparations this early so that you can get the choicest halls and other services for your wedding.

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Q: When should you start planning a wedding?
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Where can you get wedding planning help?

You should start by Googling "wedding planning. is an excellent resource for wedding planning. One of the main things you will need at your wedding is an emcee and wedding music. Here's a website that easily let's event planners for weddings, like yourself, to browse and book the perfect performers for your wedding:

When planning a wedding when should you hire a wedding coordnaitor?

about 2 months beofore the wedding.

Where is there a free website for wedding planning?

There are a multitude of wedding planning sites online for you to choice from. You should browse quite a few before you make your selection, The Best Really Free Wedding Websites would a good place to start, Wedding wire and Perfect Wedding are both worth looking at.

How much money is needed to start a wedding planning business?

Costs of starting a wedding planning business A wedding planning business can cost anywhere from $2,273 to $9,237, according to Entrepreneur. Office supplies, equipment, and furnishings, as well as finance, word processing, and wedding planner software and a computer, are all included.

What is wedding planning?

It's planning for your wedding.

What is a general wedding planning time line or calendar?

For couples who have the time, the ideal time to start planning a wedding would be about 12 to 14 months before the wedding. A general wedding planning checklist needs to be done in planning a wedding.This list can be termed as the ideal time line or wedding planning calendar. Those who do not have as much time as is shown in this time line should follow a checklist in much the same order according to whatever time they have.Hiring a wedding planner is a great way to to help you keep track and stay on top of your wedding to-do's.

What kind of college should you go to become a wedding planner?

The Wedding Planning Institute. (phone 1.888.221.9988) The Wedding Planning Institute. 1997 - 2012. A Division of Lovegevity, Inc.

Should I become a wedding planner?

A wedding is all about planning and MANAGEMENT. A career in management would definitely give you an edge in starting up your own wedding planning business.

Where is the best geographical location to start a business in wedding planning?

It depends on where you want to locate. Being a wedding planner is a good job; however, you should research the demand for the area that you are considering.

What must a person achieve in order to become a wedding planner?

Becoming a wedding planner is a natural talent. If you love planning events specially wedding and bridal showers then a career in wedding planning is definitely a yes. To read an article if you should be a wedding planner, go to

What are some places for a wedding planning guide?

Planning a wedding can be overwhelming. One of the most popular wedding planning sites and guides can be found at The Knot. Also available are My Wedding and Throw a Great Wedding.

How do you start at becoming a weeding planner if you don't go to college?

Earn a certificate in wedding planning

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