When should you stop holding your children's hands?

The answer is dependent on the 'why' of it all. That is, why are you holding hands? If it's for crossing the street, you can stop when your child is able to cross without getting distracted and knows the right way to cross, i.e. look both ways, wait for the light, etc... Usually, this happens between the ages of three and five.

If you and your child are holding hands because you love each other, I see no reason to stop at all! There may be times and places you or your child may not want to hold hands, and that's okay for either one of you to say.

I'm 13 and so i hav personally told my mom and dad to stop holding my hands when i was 9 and trust me, even before then, none of my freinds were holding their parents hands, they all stopped at 7 or 6 so trust me when i saw they really dont want to be seen holding hands with anyone but a boy or girl friend