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When the o/d light off light is on you are in drive on a auto and if the light is off it can go into o/d. Overdrive should be used at all times on the highway. Any time a speed of over 75kph is obtained and wants to be kept. unless pulling a trailer or climbing a hill. Which a contour will not do well at all. Od is for good mileage and less rpm on the engine which means longer lasting engine. If you are to be changing speeds often like from 30kph to 100kph and up and down, lock the od off. Switching constantly from od to drive is hard on the tranny. , I am doing this and handing out Halloween candy at the same time so kinda hard to do! Later

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Q: When should you use the od on a 1996 Contour?
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Is there a specific reason you should use the OD in a 1996 Ford Explorer?

fuel economy, very effective during highway driving,

What are the ratings and certificates for Szabla od komendanta - 1996?

Szabla od komendanta - 1996 is rated/received certificates of: Australia:M

Your van has 12drive and OD what gear should you drive in?


Why would the OD light blink 3 times at take off on a 1996 Thunderbird V8 4.6?

You have a proble with the OD. Take it to a professional.

Do 1990 and 1996 Chevrolet Cavaliers have the same transmission?

If you are talking about the automatic transmissions, the 1990 had a 3 spd w/OD. and if the 1996 has the same engine then it most likely has the 3 spd, but if the 1996 has the 2.4 liter engine then it most likely has the 4 spd w/OD.

If you don't have to change gears in an automatic car what's the 1st 2ns 3rd D and OD uses for and at what speeds or conditions do you use them?

If you are pulling a trailer you should use the D instead of the OD this will give you more power to the wheels. As for the other lower gears they would come in handy say if you lost your brakes and needed to decelerate other than that you should just put it in OD

What is overdrive on any car and when should it be used?

Overdrive is basically the cruising gear. In a car with an automatic transmission, you can drive in OD all the time. You should be driving in OD anytime you are traveling over 40-45 MPH. (This is the speed at which your car will automatically) shift into OD if you have it placed in that gear to start with. OD saves strain on the transmission and I would speculate the drive train, also. Your car will coast more easily in OD and use less fuel. The only time I consider not using OD is when I am in town at speeds under 40 MPH.

What does it means when the od off light on dash flashes and the car does not change gears properly on a 98 ford contour se?

A malfunction has been detected , have it checked out

When and why should you used the OD in an 2000 Elantra Hyundai?

Leave it in OD all the time. The computer will figure it out for you.

How do you turn od on 1994 Ford Probe?

should be a button on the shifter, maybe its a small one, push it in and the OD light should appear next to the gauges.

Your 99 ford contour od off light is flashing?

it is happened to to my car and I replaced the transmission range sensor. it is located on the top of the transmission at the left side of the battery. good luck

What does it mean when the OD Off light is on in a 1984 Vovlo Wagon?

OD= Overdrive. There will be a switch to engage/disengage the OD located on the shifter, or on the console in close proximity to the shift lever. It should even have a marking on it.

What is the overdrive dash switch on a 96 dodge b3500 ram van used for Is there a specific benefit to driving with it off or on Can the transmission be damaged by not using it?

The main use is for turning the OD off when towing.The main use is for turning the OD off when towing.

Does a 1997 Dodge Ram van 3500 have overdrive?

It should. If there is a switch on the dash or shifter lever that is labeled OD off, you will know for sure.It should. If there is a switch on the dash or shifter lever that is labeled OD off, you will know for sure.

How do you use overdrive on 1999 Plymouth Voyager?

Just put the gear shifter into od and go.Just put the gear shifter into od and go.

Why is my car getting hot were my shifts are od light is on but my od is off what does that mean?

od light is the overdrive unit on the transmission. If you drive on the freeway you should have the overdrive unit on, on the streets the unit should be off. The light usually doesn't have anything to do with overheating. I would look for some other issue.

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Is the tcc sensor located in the same place as the overdrive solenoid in a 2001 dodge ram 1500 Should you replace that if you replace the OD solenoid?

The tcc solenoid is part of the od solenoid assembly.

Where is the overdrive switch on a 95 Geo Prizm or What could the OD off light indicate?

I have a 1996 Prizm LSI and the OD switch is a small round button on the side of the shift lever. You could have accidentally switched it off and that is why you get the light.

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Where is fog light switch on 1996 dodge ram?

On the upper dash right of the steering wheel next to the overdrive (OD) switch