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the note of "D" :)

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When singing scales in the key of C what note is TE?

when singing scales in the key of C what note is TE?

When singing scales in the key of C what note is 'do'?


When singing scales in the key of C what note is do?

C is Do

When singing scales in the key of c what note is la?

it is the note "A".A.

When singing scales in the key of C what note is ''me''?


When singing scales in the key of c what note is TI?

Ti is the seventh note in a major scale (do re mi fa so la TI do). In the key of C, the Ti note would be B.

When singing scales in the key of C what note is fa?

Fa is the 4th scale-degree of both the C major and minor scales.

When singing scales of C what is so?

In they key of C Major, sol would be the note G. Do (C) Re (D) Mi (E) Fa (F) Sol (G) La (A) Ti (B) Do (C).

When singing scales in the key of c what note is so?

In the key of C, "Sol" (you referred to it as "so"), is G.

What is the solfege syllable for D in the key of C?

The syllable is Re. D is the second tone up from the tonic note, which is C (and do), so it is Re.

The first note on a music scale?

The answer depends on what scale you are trying to play. There are 12 different scales. The name of the scale is the first note. For example, the C scale starts on C.

What note are in chromatic scales for alto sax?

G, g#, a, a#,b,c,c#,d,d#,f,f#,g

On the piano how many scales can you make if the first note has to be C or C sharp and the second note has to be Db D or Dsharp the third note has to be Eb or E ect to the last note has to be Bb or B?

None, because the first and last note have to be the same.

What is the letter names of notes?

Music note names areC, D, E, F, G, A, B, and then C again.Flats and sharps for each of these notes.Or note names for singing can also be referred to asDo (Doh)Re (Ray)Mi (Mee)Fa (Fah)So (Soh)La (Lah)Ti (Tee)and then Do again.

What is the second note on the musical scale?

You can have a musical scale starting anywhere you like. On the piano, the simplest scale is C major, in which the second note is D. In all major and minor scales, you can find the second note by moving up two semitones from the first note (C-C#-D or G-G#-A)

What are the notes in C sharp major scale for cello?

C#, D#, F, F#, G#, A#, B, C# (high). Major scales have the same note in every instrument.

What has the author Peter C Scales written?

Peter C. Scales has written: 'The fall of the caliphate of Cordoba'

In music what note is So?

The order of the notes in a C Major scale are: C, D, E, F, G, A, B, C Do, Re, Mi, Fa, So, La, Ti, Do So would be G, the fifth note of the C Major scale.

IS the c note on the ukulele higher pitched than the g note?

The ukulele uses re-entrant tuning. Yes, the G string is lower than the C string.Alternatively, you can tune it with a low G.

What are the notes in a c natural minor scale?

Natural minor scales do not have raised 7ths as in harmonic minor scales. They don't have raised 6th in ascending scales as in melodic minor scales. Hence the notes are the same for ascending and descending scales: C D Eb F G Ab Bb C.

Do the other major keys have the same home tone as the key of c?

If you mean the same key-note, the simple answer is 'no'. A home tone is the note a particular scale starts on; for example - in the Ab major scale, Ab is the keynote and in the key of D major the key-note is D. The only common scales with C as a home tone are C major, C minor harmonic, C minor melodic, C minor (natural), C blues scale etc.

What are the notes of a scale?

the words for the notes of the musical scale are do, re, mi, fa, sol, la, ti, do. In that order. the lowest note of the scale is the first 'do' and then each note goes up one pitch from there. the most common notes for the scale in letter form are 'c, d, e, f, g, a, b, c.' Each of the notes corresponds with the word in its spot. It is also with the same pitch as that note. the words for the scale always stay the same no matter what scale they are put with. But there are many different scales you can play. Each has its own letters for the notes. some scales go higher or lower that the most common scale.

Why do the c d a g and d scales sound the same?

cause they are all scales!

What is the last note on a keyboard?

The note C. The C is the center note too.

How many tones are in an octave scale on the piano scale?

That depends on whether it's a conventional scale or a different type of scale like a pentatonic scale [which ironically has 3 tones]. Most scales, from Do to Do, have five tones. For those who don't learn notes as do, re and mi, I mean from C to C etc. Oh, and also, I'm not sure why you specified the piano, as scales are just notes, therefore playable on any instrument in the same way. Though admittedly, it's easier to work out if you know the layout of a keyboard. _____________________________________________________ I assume you are asking about a major or minor scale, but there are different types, and how many tones also depends on if you count the high note above with the same letter as the lowest note. In a traditional MAJOR SCALE (a.k.a. Ionian), there are seven different letter names (and usually an eighth note is added with the same letter name, an octave higher than the first). If you start on C, the major scale is C, D, E, F, G, A, B (and C for the eighth note). You can start on any note, but you will get different letters). A pentatonic scale has FIVE tones (if you start on C, then the notes are C, D, E, G, A.... and again C which would make 6 tones if you count the high note). There are many other scales, but this should answer your question. ______________________________________________________ If we speak about TONES (not notes), there are 12 semitones, that is 6 tones between for example C and C of a higher octave in a standard major scale.