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When dieting, not just when starving yourself, your muscles damage themselves while being used. The damage isn't as severe as tearing a muscle, but the tissue does need time to recover. If there's enough protein in the body, resting will allow the body to use the protein to repair the muscle tissue. If there isn't enough protein, the body may try to get it elsewhere, but in general it cannot convert other stored mass, such as fat, into protein. Thus you start to lose muscle tissue. This is '''not''' a healthy way to reduce muscle tissue.

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Q: When starving yourself does it eat your muscle away and help get rid of it?
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Does butt muscle help you run faster?

no. Yes. It does. When you run you are trying to push the ground away from yourself almost and then you kick away backwards. Also, when you run uphill, you use alot of butt muscle.

You are starving yourself and you are very ill where do you go to get help?

Doctor or a SCIENCE teacher perhaps..*cough**cough*

How can you gain muscle without using weights?

Other forms of exercise such as running, cycling and swimming are all good ways to help muscle growth as well as fitness. However, muscle development can only occur with a decent diet, and is helped a lot by eating foods with the right nutrients. Starving yourself will not help; the exercise just destroys muscle tissue and your body has nothing to repair and rebuild with. There are some other ways to increase muscle mass, but discuss it with your doctor if you want to know more about them.

How to starve yourself without anyone noticing?

Starving yourself is dangerous and can be a sign of the deadly eating disorder anorexia nervosa. You should seek medical attention for help, not try and harm yourself in such a manner.

Are there any exercises that guarantee weight loss?

It all depends on whether one can stick to their diet plans, getting a personal trainer would help out a lot because they can help set up a personal work out and nutrition plan to meet your needs. Never just stop eating, cut back on your portions but do not stop eating as eventually starving yourself your body will turn upon itself. It won't eat the fatty parts away, it will first eat away your muscle and organs.

How much weight do you lose by starving yourself for a few days?

I'm sorry, but WikiAnswers is meant to be a place where questions are answered that are there to help or educate or assist a person. Suggesting a method of weight loss through encouraging anorexia (a potentially fatal and life-endangering disease) would not be helping, but would be promoting this dangerous life style. *** You can lose as much as one pound per day if you starve yourself. However, most of that will be muscle, which is smaller than fat, and you will gain it back as fat as soon as you stop starving yourself.

Does starving yourself help you lose weight?

Yes, in the short term but not in the long term. Starving yourself may actually make you put weight ON. If you deprive yourself of food - that your body needs to function properly - your metabolism will suffer. Your metabolism can sometimes control your weight, so suddenly eating properly one day then starving yourself the next will confuse it, and when you decide to start eating again, you will most probably gain unwanted weight. Starving yourself does NOT work, and the best way to lose weight is to exercise, eat meals with varied food groups and eat healthily. I also know it is best to eat little but often, instead of big and rarely.

How can you starve yourself?

Starving yourself is when you cease to eat. I highly discourage this, not eating can potentially cause major health concerns.If you are really wanting to lose weight I suggest meeting with a professional nutritionist to help you get started.

How long do you have to starve yourself to lose 70 lbs?

starving yourself does not help you lose anything when you eat food you get energy when you dont your Metabolism ( fat burner ) slows way down so you burn almost nothing exersise dont starve yourself

Starving myself lose body fat?

studies show starving yourself does not help one lose body fat. some experiments concluded an increase of body fat after self starvation. a more effective and healthy way is through excercise and dieting

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Yes because if your not eating your body starts using your fat to provide nutrients for your cells, organs, and the rest of your body.

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