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The whining sound may be the bearings in the alternator and they may be seizing up or draging and possibly your belt is slipping on the pulley. Do you have a voltage gauge in your instrument panel? Or just a warning light like a picture of a battery?

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What would cause a whining sound when the accelerator is press in the car?

it's the air intake taking more air and the belts moving faster

What is the whining noise coming from your 1988 BMW 325is carburetor?

It is probably a vacuum leak. that model doesnt have a carburetor, it has fuel injection. and whining is usually a vacuum leak. it also might cause the engine to "lope" at idle or for it to "surge" when you hold the accelerator steady.

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Stepping on the gas pedal to accelerate causes a whining noise in the rear of the vehicle. what is wrong?

If it is a rear wheel drive vehicle it is either low oil in the rear end or an axle bearing. On a front wheel drive vehicle it is probably a bearing.

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What are some signs that I should be aware of so I can know when an auto transmission is starting to slip?

Signs to be alert to that could indicate a slipped transmission are leaking transmission fluid and whining engine noise. If your RPM gauge exceeds 3500, that's a clear sign. If the car won't accelerate quickly, or coasts for a long time with your foot off the accelerator, those are signs. Your accelerator vibrates or produces an acrid smell. Tour car may also pause when put into reverse. You are in big danger when the accelerator is pushed, the engine revs up, but it doesn't move.

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Fuel pump whining coming from a03 gmc sierra?

Fuel pump whining comming from a03 gmc sierra

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Car engine whining or humming?

If this whining or humming is out of the ordinary, it's probably a bearing or bushing on the belt assembly that's wearing out.

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Have a whining noise near belts was making a knocking sound before and had pulley's adjusted whining noise stops when you turn and hold steering wheel what could this be?

Whining noise near belts had pulleys adjusted any idea what is causing this

My Chevy trailblazer makes a whining noise that increases as the rpm's increase?

it is the idler pully. i just replaced mine and all the whining stopped

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Whining noise in transmission?

A whining noise in the transmission is usually an indication the transmission fluid is low. Check the transmission fluid and fill it to the recommended level.

What would cause a whining sound when you press in your clutch?

A worn out clutch release bearing would cause a whining sound when you put your foot on the clutch.

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