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Children's milk teeth naturally fall out, to be replaced by their adult teeth. Adult teeth are not replaced once they fall out.

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Q: When teeth fall out which ones grow back?
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If you loose a molar does it grow back?

No. There are some very front molars that are considered baby teeth and will fall out when ready and then you will grow permanent molars there. Most back molars are the only ones you grow.

You got 2 teeth pulled out how do you make the adult teeth grow back it?

If it was the first teeth that was pulled the adult ones will grow up there in time. You just have to wait. If it was the adult ones that was pulled nothing will grow back. You have no more teeth in that place.

Will your loose molar tooth fall out?

The front molar teeth fall out but the very back ones keep growing and if you loose the very back ones then you will never get them back. You will need False Teeth.

Do grown up teeth fall out or do you have to pull them out?

Teeth from youngsters fall out as new ones grow. Older teeth from adults fallout due to neglect,decay. So brush and floss.....

Which four teeth are last ones to grow in a person's mouth?

front back and middle

Witch baby teeth dont fall out?

This is interesting but you can keep 4 of them because to have 32 you need to keep the semi-last not the near last to the ones that grow when you are 18 the ones that grow in the back when 7 the ones in-front of those are he ones you can either keep or loose its better to keep because you need them to get the basic 32 teeth and without them you will have an empty space in your mouth.

Which four teeth are the last ones to grow in the mouth?

Wisdom teeth

Do cats grow new teeth?

Yes cats do grow new teeth when they loose their first ones.

Can teeth grow out of the roof of the mouth?

Yes, what happens is that when you have baby teeth and then after all your baby teeth are supposed to be out but when they have not then the adult teeth that are coming down have no place to go so they resort to shifting upwards before shifting back downwards and sometimes causing other teeth to fall out even if they are the wrong ones i have this problem and have not had it fixed

Which four teeth are the last ones to grow in a person's mouth?

Wisdom teeth

Do kids loose there meat chewers teeth?

The front teeth are lost and new ones will grow in. The molars just in front are also lost. The back molars are not replaced by other teeth.

Which last four teeth are the last ones to grow in a persons mouth?

Wisdom teeth

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