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Japan and Italy were on the Axis side with Germany.

Germany and led by the nazi party and Italy was a Fascist country and Japan had a Military Government. They all wanted to take ofer the world.

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world war one was not fought to end anything in particular. it began when a Serbian nationalist shot Archduke Ferdinand of Austria. this caused Austria-Hungary to declare war on Serbia. Russia, which was allied with Serbia, entered the war, and Germany, allied with Austria-Hungary, also entered. France, which was allied with Russia, declared war on Germany. Italy, allied with Germany, entered the war, and Germany marched through Belgium in order to invade France. Britain, allied with Belgium, declared war on Germany and it's allies, and so forth until the participants extended the world over. the US entered the war because of Germany's use of unrestricted U-boat, or submarine, warfare against neutral nation's merchant fleets.

During the Russian/Japanese War of 1904; Russia was allied (friends) with France and Germany, albeit France/Germany were not active participants of that particular war. Britain WAS allied to Japan during that war, but again, not an active participant. If anyone of those above nations had entered the fray, Britain would have entered the war on Japan's side (against Russia).

an alliance of Allied nations who fought against Germany and other Central powers during World war 1

In World War II, Germany allied itself with what became the Axis. The other major nations of the Axis were Japan and Italy.

Germany was a part of the Axis Powers (or Nations) during World War II. Italy and Japan were also associated with the Axis powers, though not necessary in direct alliance with Germany itself. Their common enemy, the Allied Powers, were what united them.

After Britain and France gave away Czechoslovakia to Germany, Russia made a nonaggression pact with Germany. Then after Germany attacked Russia, Russia allied with Britain, the USA and Free France, and other Allied nations.

The main enemies of the Allied Nations in WW2 were Germany, Japan and Italy. There were some other Axis nations, but, they were very small.

The United Kingdom, France, Belgium, Holland, Poland, United States and USSR all entered WW2 to defeat Germny

The allied powers during World War 1 were Britain, France, and Russia. Many of these nations plotted against Germany during the war, causing them to side with the United States.

They told Mexico that, if they allied with Germany, they would take back the land lost to the US in the Mexican-American War.

After WW2 all the major Allied countries occupied Germany

There were more than 5 allied nations in WWII but the 5 main nations were Great Britain, China, France (was defeated by Germany in June 1940, but later joined with allies again), the Soviet Union (from June 1941) and the United States (from December 1941).

yes Turkey and Germans were allied

Germany allied with austria-hungary. 1879

1. Austria-Hungary- declared war on Serbia due to the assassination. 2. Serbia- became a participant by Austria-Hungary's war declaration. 3. Russia- allied to Serbia by their treaty 4. Germany- allied to Austria-Hungary by their treaty 5. France- allied to Russia 6. Britain- allied to France. Since Britain has entered the war, her many colonies have became participants, whether with direct military support or financial support. 7. Australia, Canada, India, New Zealand, and the Union of South Africa- entered the war because of their ties with Britain 8. Japan- entered the war due to its treaty with Britain. As we can see, over 10 additional nations were involved because of their alliance treaties with other nations. Although some nations have entered the war with reasons of their own, it is undeniable that the alliance treaties were strong factors for the escalation of the war to a world-wide scale.

The protagonists and antagonists were the Allied nations and the Axis nations.

The United States entered the war in 1917 and joined the Allied/Entente Powers

Germany & Italy were allied to Japan in WWII.

The Allied powers were the forces that fought Germany in WW2.

Monetarily? They didn't pay reparations to any of the allied nations that fought against them. But if you're speaking of the price they "payed" for trying to take over Europe... Germany was forced to divide their land and give it to the nations they fought against.

Germany entered WWII in 1939

England entered World War 1 because Germany attacked Belgium, a country that she was pleged to defend and she entered it in 1914. Because Germany attacked Belgium & she entered The First World War in 1914.