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What country did Germany ally with during World War 2?

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In World War II, Germany allied itself with what became the Axis. The other major nations of the Axis were Japan and Italy.

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Germany was not an ally to the United States during WWI.

Romania was an ally of Germany.Romania was an ally of Germany.

A country in central Europe invaded by Germany so it was an Ally

Romania was an ally of Germany.Romania was an ally of Germany.

== == Russia and Germany were never allies during World War I. They were on opposite sides from the beginning.

During World War Two, Italy's main ally was Germany.

Bulgaria was an ally of Germany in both World Wars.

Germany and Italy. They formed the Axis Powers.There was only one country that was Japan's ally during world war 2GermanyType your answer here...

Yes, the Ottoman Empire signed a secret agreement with Germany during World War I.

Germany was a member of the Axis, and so an enemy of the Allies during World War 1 and World War 2. Today, Germany is the most powerful nation in Europe, a founding member of the European Union, and a strong ally of the US.

Romania was an ally of Germany from 1941 to 23.o8.1944; after this date Romania was obliged to be an ally of the Soviet Union.

Italy was the country that, under Benito Mussolini, was an ally of Germany, until the Italian people deposed the dictator, and Italy became an ally of the allied powers.

germany, austria-hungary, bulgaria, and the ottoman empire

Germany and Russia were enemies during WWI. I wonder if you're thinking of WW2?

No country in the Americas was an ally of Nazi Germany. However, the government of Argentina was sympathetic to Germany.

Canada was an ally to Britain and the USA fighting Germany during the WW1

The Axis Poweres were Germany, Italy and Japan--also supported by Romania, Bulgaria, and Hungary.

Yes, Germany occupied Finland in 1941. ___ Finland was an Axis ally of Germany and was not occupied.

The USSR, It was not properly classed as an "ally" it was more like a "neutral ally" to the USSR and Nazi Germany.

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