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Q: When the civil war drew to close how did President Lincolns rhetoric change?
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Where was Lincolns home after the civil War?

President Lincoln was still President, and living in the White House when he was killed.

February 1862 added to President Lincolns burden as he led the North in the Civil War?


What was Abraham lincolns occupation during the civil war?

President of the United States of America.

What Important historical event that occurred during Abraham Lincolns term as president?

The American Civil War.

What happened in Lincolns life that helped him become famous?

Becoming president of the United States and being President during the Civil War. Also the first President to be assassinated.

After the Civil War and Lincolns assassination what did President Johnson decide to do with the abandoned plantation lands in the South?

Give them back to their owners.

What was one of president lincolns biggest problems during the civil war?

one of his biggest problems was how and what to do about slavery. when the civil war came to hand, he had no idea what to do, yet somehow managed it

As the civil war drew to a close why did president Lincoln rhetoric change?

Because he now had to repair the nation (apex)

What was Lincolns main goal during the civil war?

to win the civil war

What wasPresident Lincolns leadership priority?

The Civil War.

What was lincolns most famous accomplishment?

The American Civil War

What happened first Abraham Lincolns assignation or the end of the civil war?

End of Civil War.