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EIsenhower was president

Civil war was 1861-1865

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Q: Who was the president when president nixson was vice president the civil war happened durind what years?
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Did the Civil War happened when Chester A Arthur was president?

No. The Civil War ended more than 15 years before Arthur was President.

Did it ever happened where the president and vice president were not in charge?

Yes and No. During the American Civil war, "The South" was not under rule of the President or VP. Such is the nature of "Civil War".

What events happened during civil war?

they elected abraham lincoln as president

What kind of acts occurred while Abraham Lincoln was president?

The Civil War happened during Abe's President life

How many people died durind the civil war?

About 36500 total union and 260,000 rebels. But, killed in action140,414 union and 72,524 rebels.

What happened in Lincolns life that helped him become famous?

Becoming president of the United States and being President during the Civil War. Also the first President to be assassinated.

What historical event happened when Andrew Johnson was president?

He was the VP under Lincoln during the civil war. Became president when Lincoln died and served in the senate.

What were the events that happened in America during 1865?

james polk became president. we got into a war with mexico

What event in the civil war led the south to secede from the union?

The election of Abraham Lincoln as a President of the United States in 1860 Indeed that happened before the outbreak of the Civil War.

Who was the president who tried to kill another president?

Such has never happened in the US. In fact, even the most bitter political enemies among Presidents have been civil to each other in person.

What happened 5 days after the civil war ended?

Answer President Abraham Lincoln was assassinated.

Who is president during the civil?

Abraham Lincoln was the president during the civil war.