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It can take up to 48 hours and is sucessful 50% of the time , and in some cases does not work at all , with my last pregnancy I had two failed attempts but fingers crossed it will work for you. Good Luck I agree

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Q: When the doctor strips your cervix how long will it take to go into labor?
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How long does the labor normally last if the cervix is 8 cm dilated?

A baby doesn't dilate, a cervix does.

Can a long cervix cause for a c-section?

I was told by my doctor that my cervix was about a "mile long" and given that my first child didn't drop enough to deliver vaginally that it would be best to have another c-section to avoid prolonged labor that could put too much stress on the baby and my body.

You have a McDonald cerclage and the doctor said you are 100 effaced how long until you deliver?

A cerclage MUST be taken out before you go into labor or it will tear your cervix to shreds & put you at risk for a hysterectomy!

What is a normal cervical length in the second trimester of pregnancy?

Cervical measurements vary greatly, but a normal second trimester cervix is usually between 3 and 4 cm long (30-40 mm) If your cervix is less than 25 mm in length at 18-22 weeks, you are at higher risk for pre-term labor, pre-term delivery and incompetent cervix. Usually your doctor will recommend serial cervical measurements via transvaginal ultrasound if your cervix is found to be shorter than normal or if you have conditions that put you at higher risk for incompetent cervix and/or pre-term labor. Examples would previous second trimester miscarriage, previous pre-term labor and/or delivery, previous cervical surgery and multiple gestation.

How long is labor once your cervix is 8 cm dilated?

it depends on how fast you are dilating, probably an hour or so more.

Do long cervix's make it harder to get pregnant?

No, a long cervix is normal if you are not pregnant.

If you had true labor contractions last night and they stopped will they be back soon?

True labor will not usually stop. Labor that stops is, by definition, false labor. False labor is common, especially in a second or third (or fourth, etc.) pregnancy. These contractions, however, are useful in that they help prepare the cervix for labor by softening it, thinning it out, and dilating it. First time moms often begin labor with a long, closed and thick cervix; women who've had a baby before will usually have a softened, somewhat dilated cervix when they start. It's hard to predict when any woman will go into labor. Contractions may be off and on for days before real labor begins. Eat, stay hydrated, and get as much rest as you can until it does.

What is a nullip cervix?

A cervix that is long thick and closed or admits only a fingertip

38 wks 2 cm dilated and the cervix is soft and thinning has had false labor for 2wks now on and off false labor was really strong How long until baby arrives?

anytime now. GOOD LUCK ?

You are 33 weeks pregnant and 75 percent effaced ad 1 cm dilated very soft cervix how long approx will labor start?

your dilation can take as long as 2weeks or 2days depends on how active you are.

How soon can chlamydia damage your cervix?

Chlamydia can infect the cervix and cause inflammation in the cervix, but does not do long-term damage to the cervix. Chlamydial scarring occurs in the fallopian tubes and in the pelvis, if permanent damage occurs.

How long does it take the sperm to reach the cervix when or if a condom fell off?

only a second to reach cervix

How long does it takes a human to give birth?

Labor can take from 30 minutes to several days. The part that takes the longest is when the cervix opens to 10cm. There's no way to know in advance.

You are 38 weeks and 80 percent effaced and 1 cm and the baby is -1 station how long will it be until you go into labor?

If you are -1, you ARE in labor. Contact a doctor ASAP.

Does strips have a long e or a short a?

There are no E or A sounds of any kind in the word "strips."

Structure of the cervix?

The cervix connects the uterus to the vagina. The cervix is approximately two to three centimeters long, and is made up of strong muscles, and is shaped like a small donut.

How do you get long cucumber strips?

To get long thin strips of cucumber use a vegetable/potato peeler and start peeling from the top to bottom.

Do you lie down to check your cervix?

You can check your cervix in any position, as long as you can reach it of course. Some people prefer to lay down while checking their cervix as it's more comfortable, but it's easier to reach your cervix by squatting.

Period lasted twenty one days?

See your doctor as soon as possible. This can indicate the possibility of other issues, such as cysts, in your cervix or uterus, etc. It is not normal to bleed that long.

What do you need for blood sugar monitoring?

A meter and test strips. You can get them at most drugstores. The meters are pretty cheap and last a long time; the money's in the strips (kind of like Barbie clothes). Many insurance plans will help with the costs, but you need a prescription from your doctor. (If you just wished to check yourself out of curiousity, the meters usually come with a few strips.)

What are two-dimensional and infinty long?

Infinitely long strips.

How long after you start to dilate will your baby be born?

It depends if you are primigravida or a multigravida.If it is your first pregnancy, labor is longer than a mom that has kids already. It is also depends on how strong is your contraction to open up your cervix.

What is effaced in pregnancy?

Effaced relates to the cervix. When you go into early labour the cervix which has been long and closed starts to draw up around the baby's head with contractions or downward pressure of the baby's head. When a cervix is effaced it is no longer long, the next step is dilation.

How big is your cervix?

The size of the cervix varies on every woman. Typically the cervix protrudes into the vaginal vault no more than 3cm wide by 2.5cm long and will have the appearance of a bump with a small crease or hole in the middle. Women who have given birth will have a dramatically larger cervix.

Does a bacterial infection in the cervix and antibiotics taken to cure it during the first month of pregnancy affect the baby?

As long as you told the doctor you were pregnant and were given suitable antibiotics the baby should be fine. If you did not know until afterwards that you were pregnant have a word with the doctor or a pharmacist.

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