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No, you really can't. But you can go to the hall of justice and get full custody of your child. * The biological father of a child who is not of a marriage has no legal rights to the child until paternity is established and a petition for custodial or visitation rights are granted by the court.

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Q: When the father of a child is a minor can his parental rights be taken away and if so how is this done?
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IF Mother of minor child IS deceased AND father hAS child in HIS care is there a need to seCURE parental guadianship for child if father is listed on birth certificate?

Probably not unless parental rights were terminated or otherwise limited. Best consult a lawyer.

If you are a minor in WI can you sign over all parental rights and no tpay child support?

Yes, a minor can sign over all parental rights in the state of Wisconsin. The minor will no longer have to pay child support after the rights have been signed away.

How can a father cancel child support?

A father cannot be relieved of his financial obligations to his minor child/children unless... The father is allowed to relinquish his parental rights to enable the child/children to be legally adopted. A paternity test proves he is not the biological father.

What are the Colorado laws on signing over your parental rights?

In Colorado, a parent may not sign over their parental rights unless there is another spouse available and willing to adopt the minor child. This means, if a father wants to sign away his rights to his child that the mother's new husband must be willing to officially adopt the child.

What does a father do to get parental rights?

A biological father who was married to the mother has specific parental rights unless a court has ruled otherwise . If there is a question/disagreement as to custody, visitation, support, etc. the parent wishing to establish the criteria should file suit in the family court in the state and county where the minor child currently resides. If the couple were not married the law presumes the mother to be the sole custodian of the minor child. If the mother refuses to allow the father his parental rights the father must first establish paternity and then file a lawsuit to attempt to obtain custodial and/or visitation rights if he that is his wish.

Who has legal custody of a minor child when parents have never married in va?

The mother until the father has gone to court to gain his parental rights and can petition for custody and pay child support.

Can you move out when you're 16 and have a baby?

Only with parental consent. You don't get more rights when having a child as a minor. You just get rights to the child.

Do you have to have parental consent in Georgia if you have a child and you are 16?

Parental consent to do what? Having a child does not emancipate you--you are still a minor and therefore under the control of your parents. However, you (not your parents) do have parental rights over your own child.

Do you pay child support if you sign over parental rights in Missouri?

In the state of Missouri, signing over your parental rights does not mean that you can quit paying child support. The only time child support can be ceased is when a minor child is adopted.

Giving up parental rights under Mississippi law?

Under certain circumstances parental rights can be terminated in Mississippi. This is usually initiated by the state in due to abuse, neglect, or abandonment of the minor child. The termination of parental rights stops a biological parent from visiting or having any kind of legal say so in effect to the minor child.

Can a boyfriend adopt the baby if the girlfriend gave up parental rights as a minor if the child is still not adopted?

If its your baby then shame on you for doing her with a minor! that should be on your concious! but also i believe you should adopt the baby if you ready to be a father.

Can a father file sole custudy of a child when the mother is a minor?

He can try, but the minor mother have equal rights to the child. They will not remove the child from her based on the fact that she is a minor as long as she is a fit parent.

If a father terminates his parental rights does the mother have to give up the child for adoption if the mother is a single parent?

If the father terminates his parental rights the single mother can legally and solely have full custody of that child as long as the courts decide that she is capable of working and providing a safe environment for the child. There are times that the parents of the young mother, or possibly grandparents will help in looking after the child if the mother is a minor and finishing her education and the courts will often look favorably on this.

If a minor girl gets pregnant by a minor boy does the boy or his parents have any rights to the child?

yes they have the same rights as any "father" would.

Can father be prevented to meet minor child if sole custody is with mother who take diverse from that hushband and he is claiming to meet as biological father?

Yes so leave this to the courts.If they were married when the child was born he is automatically the father and you have to prove paternity by DNA to prove you are the biological father. Then you can ask for your parental rights and get visitation, pay child support etc. Get a lawyer.If you already is on the paper as the dad and have parental rights you need to ask for visitation. She can not refuse a court order. That is breaking the law and she can herself lose custody if she does.

What are the rights of a pregnant minor in Oklahoma?

For the minor herself there is no difference apart from her rights to decide over her pregnancy and child. She has no right to move or marry without parental consent and pregnancy does not make her emancipated.

Can the parents of a pregnant minor keep the minor from seeing the father of the baby?

Yes, they can. Once the baby is born he can seek visitation rights to the child in court, but he only has rights to see the child, not the mother.

Who has custody of minor childif parents were never married in the state of Ohio?

The mother. The father have to go to court to get his parental rights by providing a DNA test. he can then petition for custody, visitation and pay child support.

In Washington State if you sign over your parental rights to a child do you still have to pay child support?

The court determines whether or not a parent will be allowed to voluntarily relinquish his or her parental rights. The granting of a TPR does not necessarily mean that the requesting parent will be relieved of his or her financial obligation to the minor child/children.

How would a non-custodial parent of a minor child in the state of Michigan sign off rights to their child?

You would have to call the court house for legal papers on terminating parental rights.

If a father signs over his parental rights will the child receive Social Security benefits?

Biological children can be eligible for survivor benefits when are of minor age and a parent dies. The termination or relinquishment of parental rights does not always relieve the requesting parent of financial obligations to his or her children, unless those children have been legally adopted. Whether or not a minor child qualifies for SS or SSI benefits would depend upon the individual's circumstances.

Can a father give up his rights in Georgia and not have to pay back time child support?

No, all child support arrearages are to be paid under the terms of the court order even if the biological parent is granted a termination of his or her parental rights. TPR decrees are not for the purpose of allowing a parent to escape his or her financial obligations to a minor child/children.

Can you be pregnant and live with your baby's daddy?

Only if you are 18yo. Younger than that you need parental consent. In order to have sex with him you and him also need to be at least 18yo for it to be legal. The fact that you already have a child makes no difference. You decide over the baby but as long as you are a minor you need parental consent to see your baby's father. He has rights to his child but not to you.

What are the custodial rights of unwed mothers in the state of Tennessee?

In all U.S. states the biological unwed mother is considered to have sole legal and physical custody of her child. If the biological father wishes to assert his parental rights he must first establish paternity to the child in question and petition the court for visitation privileges or custodial rights. If the mother wishes to pursue child support for the minor child she must show proof of paternity (signed birth certificate, or notarized affidavit for the father). It is the responsibility of the alledged father to prove he is or is not the biological father of the child, regarding custody, visitation and/or obligation of financial support.

In Illinois how do you sign over parental rights to a non family member?

Both biological parents will need to file a Termination of Parental Rights petition with the court that has jurisdiction. If the TPR is granted, the individual who wishes to become the legal guardian or adopt the minor child must also follow the legal procedure as required by the state in which the minor child is a resident.