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the high beam indicator is only on when the high beams are on

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2011-03-20 19:18:43
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Q: When the low beams are on the high beam indicator is on too?
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When you turn your low beams on they are really dim but your high beams work The High beam indicator is always on even when you try to switch on your low beams?

sounds like you have a short in the low and hgh beam switch take it to auto electrician

In a 1996 Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera the low beams work but not the high beams High beam indicator goes on although the high beams do not turn on. Changed the high beam bulbs and the dimmer switch?

try checking ur high-bea fuses and relays

What would cause the low beam headlamps to stop working on a 91 Geo Prizm but the high beams work fine and the blue high beam indicator doesn't work either - have checked fuses and relay?

OK, the REAL reason this happened is that the GROUND from the LOW BEAMS opened and did not return to the dash. This causes the HIGH BEAM indicator to not work (because believe it or not, they use the low beam filaments as a return for the low beam indicator!), but the high beams to still work OK. Rather than disassemble the whole dash & turn signal assy., I just ran an additional ground wire to the LOW beams (through a switch, so I could disable it if necessary) and it solved the problem. I still don't have the little blue high beam indicator, but you casn tell if they're on or off . . . P.A.

Do you use your low beam or high beam lights in foggy weather?

low beams

What is the bulb number on a 2001 GMC sierra high and low beam?

9006 on the low beams, 9005 on the high beam.

Low beam bulbs work on the high beam wires?

I'm not sure what you mean by that. Usually low beams have its own coil, high beams have its own. They work on separate cirtcuits.

When it's raining outside and your driving you should use what lights high beam or low beam?

Low beams

1988 Toyota pickup with no low beams and only High beams when the switch is pulled forward Also the high beam indicator is always on when turning the headlights on yet no lights are actually on How ca?

First double check the bulbs to be sure they are good then I would suspect the high/low beam switch or the headlight switch is at fault.

Low beam headlights do not come on?

are my low beams supposed be come on also when my high beams are on in my 1994 gmc sierra

What if your 1989 F150 has high beams but no low beams why?

is a switch to change to low beam is located under the emergency brake

Why does 240sx high beams work on both headlights but not low beams?

the bulbs in your car have two filaments, high beam and low beam. as you generally use mainly low beam the filament wears out a lot quicker than high beam. so replace your bulbs, as it couldn't be anything else.

Why does your low beams work and not your high beams on your 1992 camaro rs?

hi-beam switch is faulty

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