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sounds like you have a short in the low and hgh beam switch take it to auto electrician


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First double check the bulbs to be sure they are good then I would suspect the high/low beam switch or the headlight switch is at fault.

the high beam indicator is only on when the high beams are on

I dont know about the '99, but on my '95 the high beams are activated by pulling the turn indicator lever towards the driver. Pushing it forward turns them off again.

I like to switch around 200-300 feet away from them

Check the bulbs and then the multifunction switch (headlight switch)

dimmer switch dimmer switch

Typically when a vehicles high beams fail to function, you will not see the high beam indicator illuminate on the dash either. When the combination switch is prompted by the user to activate the high beams it makes a ground connection on one of the relays terminals, closing the relay and the high beams turn on. The relay could potentially be bad, or the contact from the switch has been compromised by corrosion, or dirt. It is also possible that the contact point has bent far enough that it is unable to make contact with the relay from years of using the switch.

Your headlights turn off when you turn the high beams on because you have a defective switch. You need to have a mechanic replace the high beams switch. It is a simple replacement.

If you are asking about the high beam headlights you either have burned out bulbs or the switch that turns the high beams on has failed. If you are asking about the high beam indicator on the dash I would also think it no longer works account it has failed.

Your high beams work but your low beams do not because the switch is broken that switches between high and low beams. Electrical switches wear out.

Yes. That is by design. Pulling back on the switch is used for 'flash to pass'.

If the high beam switch is broken that it should be replaced. When the unit is replaced the high beams will work again.

Pull the turn signal lever toward you to switch to high beams and back again Pull the turn signal lever toward you to switch to high beams and back again

There is a microprocessor called the Insturment Panel Cluster Microprocessor. That controls several things, but one of the things it does is turn on the Daytime Running Light indicator and the High Beam Indicator. It could be bad. Are you sure that you have both High and Low beams? Check that first to make sure because the Turn/Hazard Headlight Switch could be bad causing you to have Hi Beams only. If you have Hi and Lo Beams, it is most likely the Microprocessor. Hope that helps.

Sounds like the dimmer switch is shot and needs replacing.

is a switch to change to low beam is located under the emergency brake

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