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when we write a new keyword with any class, then it calls the immediate super class constructor and then it object is created.

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When does the memory created for an object?

Memory for a Java object gets created when the object is instantiated. For example private String name = "rocky"; At the end of this statement the memory for the string object name gets created in the memory.

Can we create an array of objects for a class having default constructor Justify your answer?

See example code below. #include <iostream> class x { private: // Members. static int counter; int data; public: // Default constructor and destructor. x():data(++counter){printf("Object %d created!\n",data);} ~x(){printf("Object %d destroyed!\n",data);} // other members omitted for brevity... }; // Initialise static counter. int x::counter=0; int main() { // Instantiate an array of 10 objects. x arr[10]; // .. do some work with the array .. return( 0 ); // The array falls from scope, destroying the objects. } Example output: Object 1 created! Object 2 created! Object 3 created! Object 4 created! Object 5 created! Object 6 created! Object 7 created! Object 8 created! Object 9 created! Object 10 created! Object 10 destroyed! Object 9 destroyed! Object 8 destroyed! Object 7 destroyed! Object 6 destroyed! Object 5 destroyed! Object 4 destroyed! Object 3 destroyed! Object 2 destroyed! Object 1 destroyed!

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A chart is the type of object that can be created directly in Excel.

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.....will be automatically Invoked when an object is created?

The Class object is automatically created by the JVM when an object is created. The Class object provides information about the Class and is primarily used by the IDEs and factory classes. The method that is automatically called when an object is created is called a constructor. In Java, the constructor is a method that has the same name as the class.

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When does this pointer get created?

When we call non static method with respect to class object then this pointer is created which keep the reference of that object.

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