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When the presiding officer of the Senate is away who is the person that takes over?

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Whoever is designated by the President Pro Tem -- typically it is a junior senator of the majority party.

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What is the role of the vice president of the united states?

The vice president is the presiding officer the US Senate. He has to be ready to take over as president if needed. He also takes on assignments that the President gives him and may serve as special representative for the President.He/She stands ready to assume the Presidency in the event that the President can no longer perform his/her duties (or no longer wishes to). Until then, he/she presides over the U. S. Senate.

What do you call the person who takes charge of an IT Department?

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How is the US House and Senate organized?

Their are 100 memebrs of the US senate, 2 from every state. The politcal party breakdown is 57 democrats, 41 republicans, and 2 independents (although they act and vote similar to the democrats). The constitution does say that the VP is the presiding officer of the senate..... but only to break ties..... when the VP is not present, the president pro-tempore takes his place. The president pro tempore, although without voting privledges, presides over the overall function of the senate. The parties (democrat and republican) are also headed by their party leaders. To futher break things down the senate has committees (which is were most bills start). Their are 16 standing (or permanent) committees in the senate.

What congressional officer takes the place of the vice president if he is not on congressional hill?

The President Pro Tempore presides over the Senate in the absence of the Vice President

Why is it so hard to impeach a president?

The reason its so hard to impeach a president is because it takes the senate, the house and the chief justice to do it. There must be a majority vote in the House and a 2/3 vote in the senate with the Chief Justice presiding. In the case of Clinton it was hard for the senate to try him under the Constitutional wording of, "Treason, Bribery or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors."

Who is the constitutional leader of the US Senate?

The President of the Senate is actually the Vice President of the United States. The President Pro Tempore of Senate is the presiding officer (in the absence of the VP), which puts him or her third in the line of succession (behind the speaker of the house). The real power in the Senate, however, lies with the Senate Majority Leader and the Senate Minority Leader. The leaders for the US Senate are the minority and majority leaders. Out of these the majority leader is considered greater. A complex answer is required for this basic question. The President of the Senate is the Vice President of the US, who rarely presides and very rarely is even present except in a ceremonial role or when a tie vote is anticipated. The majority party really runs the Senate and it select a President pro tempore and a Majority Leader. Again, the President pro tempore rarely leads the Senate and is more of an elder statesman. The Majority Leader runs the working of the Senate and most of his or her work is done behind the scenes. The Majority Leader also rarely takes the seat at the front of the Senate floor, gavel in hand and managing the debate. That task is assigned to a Presiding Officer, usually a new or very junior Senator in an effort to let them learn the routine. This Senator makes very few decisions and the Parliamentarian is on hand to advise him or her. So the Senate Leader can be any of the above, but the real power is in the hands of the Majority Leader.

Can a person represent Utah in the senate if they have only been a citizen for eight years?

To be eligible for the U. S. Senate, a person needs to have been a U. S. citizen for at least nine years when he/she takes office on January 3.

If a president appoints an ambassador to foreign nations what must happen before the person takes office?

The Senate must approve.

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When an impeachment of a president takes place who sits in as president of the senate?

The President Pro-tempore of the Senate.

If the President dies in office and Vice President becomes President who takes his place as Vice President?

He is then allowed to appoint a Vice President.

Who is the main officer of the house of representatives?

The Speaker of the House. The current US Speaker is Nancy Pelosi. This person is the 3rd most powerful person in the Federal Government after the President and Vice President. If both the President and VP are incapable of preforming (or dead) this person takes over. He or she is elected by the House of Representatives. Their Duties are: *Presiding over House meetings (or delegates people to do this) *Setting the agenda/calendar for the Majority party in the House *Serves on the chair of the majority committee *Helps bills to pass which the majority party of House supports

Who presides over the Senate?

The Vice-president presides over the Senate. If the vice-pesident is anable to act, the President pro tempore of the Senate takes over.

Who takes the place of the president of the senate if he or she is absent?

vice president

If the leader of the senate is absent who takes over?

Majoprity whip

Who takes care of the president's schedule?

his assistants and i think the senate

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How much of the senate does it take to approve the cloture rule?

It takes 3 fifths of the senate to approve the cloture rule. When all senate seats are filled this is approximately 60 senators.

Who takes over a senate when the vice president is not there?

The President Pro Tempore

If Obama wins the election who takes his senate seat?

Roland Burrus was apponted by the governor of Illinois to fill Obama's senate seat.

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Why is it quicker to pass legislation in the Senate?

It actually takes longer to pass legislation in the Senate then in House. There are more members in the Senate which means more heated debates could stall legislation.

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