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Go to this website and they can get you your unlock code.

Good luck!

It means that you have tried to enter the 4-6 digit code to many times and it has went into INOP mode. In order to get it out of INOP and into LOC mode again so you can enter the code you must drive the vehicle for 1 hour or keep the igintion in the on position for 1 hour.

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How do you get the radio in a 94 Geo Metro to work It's says InOp?

You have to disconnect the negative battery cable for about fifteen minutes. than reconnect the cable than the radio will display loc on the screen. you than have to enter in the lock code which should be in your manual or you will have to contact the Chevy dealership for the unlock code.

Radio says loc and driver side window wont work?

I'm not sure about the window but if your radio says LOC then go to this website to get your code.

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Where do you get the radio loc code for a 98 silverado?

If you have never entered a code of your own,there is a secondary code in the radio to unlock it,but you have to go back to the dealership to have them recover it for you.

Why does your radio have L O C on it?

LOC means it is LOCKED. You need to insert the correct code to unlock the radio. If you cannot find it, call your dealer.

What does LOC mean on the display of a 2003 Chevy Cavalier factory radio How is it removed?

You have undoubtedly changed batteries or run the battery down. The display LOC means the radio is locked. You will have the insert the proper code to active the radio. If you cannot find the code, contact your GM dealer. Head on over to They charge $4.99 for the code but they got back to me in an hour or so and the code worked perfectly. Better than paying a dealer $40 - $50!

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You changed your battery in your 1998 Buick lesabre now your radio wont work it reads loc that's all it does now what do you do?

You have four options I can think of off hand.One get in touch with whoever set the code and ask them for the code then input the code.?Your second option is to speak to your local buick dealership and ask them about unlocking the radio.Third option is to get an unlock code from a third party.Fourth option is to buy another radio.

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The radio on your 2000 Sunfire is probably reading "loc". If this is the problem, you need to go to a Pontiac dealer and pay them to unlock the radio. This is an anti theft device to insure your radio can not function if it is removed. The cost is from 10 to 20$

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How do you fix the anti theft lock on a radio from a astro?

take it to a Chevy dealer they will look up your password and help you turn off the loc

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