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every 60,000 miles on my 1997 model

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Does the mk3 golf vr6 have a timing chain or belt?

timing chain.

How do you change a power steering pump on vw golf mk3?

How do you change a power steering rack on vw golf mk4?

Can you have step by step instructions on how to change the clutch on your mk3 golf 1.8?


How do you change timing belt on golf mk3 8v?

i would suggest if you havnt done one before then don't do it, they are pretty straight but not for someone who hasn't done a cambelt change before cos if you don't line the pulleys up right you will bend the valves so i would let someone else do it for you.

Where can one purchase a VW Golf MK3?

One can purchase a VW Golf MK3 at a car dealership. The best location to purchase a VW Golf MK3 would be a Volkswagen retailer. One can also purchase a VW Golf MK3 at a used car dealership.

Does the st220 mondeo engine have a timing belt?

All mk3 mondeo's are chain driven even the 3.0v6 st220.

How do you set the timing on a 1990 Ford Festiva?

mk3 fiestas dont have a timing belt it is done by a chain tis chain will probably outlast the engine however if the timing is lost the chain is lose and is a big job to change it best looking for new engine it will be easier to change engines wja

What is the weight of a voltswagon golf mk3?

810kg for a mk1 929kg 1110KG for a mk3

Does a 1.6 mk3 golf gearbox work in a 1.4 mk3 golf?

No they fit different, although mk2 and mk3 and some mk4 polo gearboxes will fit. You want an 8P gearbox.

Will mk4 golf mirrors fit a mk3 golf gti?

yes they will

Would a mk2 golf gti engine fit a mk3 golf?

yes...but you have to change and modify a few engine mounts and so on. And modify or change the whole el-wiring in the car

How change Golf mk3 1996 ignition switch?

this is an how to:

Where can one find a Golf GTI MK3 for purchase?

You can find a Golf GTI MK3 for purchase at your local certified Volkswagen dealership. You can also look through websites such as Craigslist to find a used Golf GTI MK3 for much cheaper than you would at a certified dealership.

How hard is it to change an alternator belt on a mk3 golf diesel?

Dead easy, take drive belt off power steering pump. Slacken off alternator's two 13mm nuts, push down on spring loaded alternator, take off alternator belt, put on alternator belt. Reverse process. Job done

Where is the thermostat on your golf gti mk3?

Under the waterpump.

What is the oil capacity of a volskwagen golf 1.8 mk3 automatic gear box?

5.6l (3.0 litres @ fluid change)

Where is the sensor for the Tacho located on a MK3 Diesel 1995 Golf?

I believe the wiring comes from the alternator on the early mk3 golfs

Where is the thermostat on mk3 golf gti?

on the bottom of the water pump

Mk3 golf gti 16v bhp?

150 bhp

Where is the fuse for the heater on a mk3 golf tdi?

In the fuse box

What is the Top speed of a mk3 golf gti 16v?


Will a vw golf mk2 bumper fit your mk3?


What are the features of the VW MK3 Golf?

The features of the Volkswagen MK3 Golf include the engine which is enlarged to 2.0L and also power reaching 150 PS. It is also powered with a diesel engine.

Can turning the distributor cap slightly on golf mk3 improve performance?

NO, turning the distributor cap at all on any vehicle will throw the timing off.. if you know what your doing and use a timing light you can advance or decrease the timing depending on how exactly you want the engine to respond.

When did Astra Mk3 change to Mk4?

1998 Mk3 1999 Mk4