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When to end a relationship?

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Whenever and however. There's really no specific time or way to end a relationship.

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What do you do if your boyfriend doesn't tell his friends about your relationship?

end the relationship

What to do when a relationship is going bad?

End the relationship or try to do something to make the relationship better.

When is it time to end a long term relationship?

It's time to end a relationship when you no longer feel good about it. Period.

What is a fear of relationsHip?

The fear of relationship is the fact that it does not end. Ending a relationship is the only thing that scares.

Why in a relationship the mates are always looking for things to end the relationship?

Because They Are Jealous Of You

You love someone but you don't want to spend the rest of your life with this person how can you end the relationship and still keep this person in your life?

End the relationship just like every other relationship

When endding a relationship with your spouse and your spouse avoid it what does it mean?

They do not want the relationship to end. Avoiding the situation for them keeps them in the relationship.

Can a relationship last if you have chlamydia?

Yes, chlamydia doesn't necessarily mean the end of a relationship.

The Legend of Zelda- who does Link end up in a relationship with?

He ends up in no relationship...

What happens when you have a bad relationship?

it'll end....

How do you know when it's time to end an relationship?

if your a girl its time to end a relationship when your boyfriend dose not love and its propably because your not giving him any pussy

Is it a bad idea to break up with a man and end a perfectly good relationship that is headed towards marriage because he had a child from a previous relationship?

that is such a bad idea. don't end the relationship if he is the perfect guy!!!!!

What is a Hindus relationship with god?

Not only hindus, everyone has a relationship with him, we emerged from him and at the end, we will go back.

How do you mend a relationship that you feel you have no communication with?

Either change yourself for your spouse or end the relationship and move on

When to end a lesbian relationship?

If you feel your girlfriend is not right for you, you make the decision you think is right for your relationship.

How do you end a relationship with someone that is overly sensitive?

Well I would say set them up so they end the relationship or so they think they did anyway and then your in the clear.... Xigeneral

When a man cheats in the beginning of a new relationship?

This usually indicates he will never be committed to your relationship. It is better to end the new relationship with him straight away.

What is the easiest thing to do in a bad relationship?

end it up.

How do you end a relationship with a friend you know?

say "stuff you."

Is it worth it to ask her out?

If you want the end result-a relationship.

How can you end your friends relationship not yours?

by leaving them alone.,,,

Is it better to end a relationship now or later?


How does a sociopath end a relationship?

usually quite badly.

When should you end a relationship?

you should end a relationship when you are catching your bf/gf cheating on you with someone else or wen they dont really call you to talk to you anymore. -whit

How can you get divorced on The Sims?

If you are talking about the sims 1, you can't get married. But if you want to end a relationship, either fight it out or cheat in front of the sims partner. That will usually end a relationship.